heav rains

Seasons have come and gone,

And with the peace of our atmosphere,

I had forgotten the floods.

Yesterday a huge thunderous sound roared from above,

Then heavy dark clouds started collecting,

The fowls ran around within our tiny compound,

The goats too cried loudly

Our skinny dog ran to its corner in the house.

All along I sat silently outside the house,

My thoughts roamed freely about my siblings;

Okere took the sheep to the fields,

Karebe and Osuru walked to school two kilometers away.

I pity my lips hard that I was born, poor and jobless,

But luckily by evening all my family was back,

And soon the heavy drops of rain ate the ground angrily,

And soon the water started rising outside slowly,

My family, our livestock, our dog and Kanene the cat also,

Saw the water start entering the house.

This is the season we share sleep,

Sleeping in turns making sure we don’t drown,

Praying earnestly that the firewood,

The usual beans and maize doesn’t run out of stock.

The rains have already swept our crops,

Some of our chicken I realized had not come back,

When the rains started and could be swimming,

Fighting all odds to find their way back home,

But not so long they will pay homage to nature,

For in all these, nature always takes its course.

I am grateful that even though the future is uncertain,

We are still living and the blessings,

Of the rain are still pouring heavily,

Though our house is losing its strength.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Politics, Policy, Technology, Current Affairs, Opinion, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, International Emerging Issues, Society, and culture. For featuring, promotions or support write to us at ndegegeoffrey@gmail.com

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