Money, money, money and money; it can never be enough. Back in the years, when more love existed in families (because today it isn’t), the medium of exchange was not money. This tends to make me think that with the advent of money, we were to be more developed in the social spheres. One instance I use is the technology of planes and vehicles which are supposed to lessen the time we take to reach other people; especially our families and loved ones. The beauty is that it has reduced the time and improved the convenience of travel but sadly enough, the planes and vehicles are taking us to the wrong places: drinking, unworthy business deals, cases, mpango wa kando and many more.
The issue with the notion of making more money and cash is all forms of evil right from theft to counterfeited money to drug abuse businesses. One thing remains though; that the money can never be enough. There are things that money cannot provide or buy for you. Life is the number one thing. Money can help you extend the time before you are gotten rid from the face of the earth by buying you the free oxygen that God provides, it can extend your time by provision of the freezer services and then give you a good send off which might not be worth the life that you lived. Money cannot buy you love. Yes, money can help you get the pleasure of love and perhaps the temporal love that is strictly attached to something, like a woman can love a man for the money or car and should the car or money end, there is no more love. Love is a virtue unless abused; it’s a value unless wasted. Money cannot buy you time. Were it possible for money to buy time, I am sure that some people could buy all the time so that they can be youths all their life. All in all, money is good but if it’s not the center stage of your life.
Love and free time.hapiness
I am usually worried that I cannot do enough to maintain the close ties and bonds I could wish to exist between me and my loved ones. Nowadays it is very common to hear people saying that they are busy to an extent of not sparing a few minutes to attend to a friend, to a family member or even a stranger. We are living in an age when there is less respect and more arrogance. These days the essence of family has been lost and it is cases of brothers against brother or sister against sister or even worse a husband against the children and the mother. The word love as of our time is a one day affair, “Valentine’s day” whose origin few understand and which we don’t need anyway. Love in families and in our relations ought to be an everyday thing and we could be living happily.
We have lost the old way marks and that is the only thing we need to have before this world ends. Our old way marks in our spiritual matters, our old way marks in family relations, our old way marks in creating time for other people. We better started rectifying error and changing instead of engaging in religion tug wars about open truths, in becoming rational beings as opposed to irrational human beings. We should be lovers of good and less of evil. The love of money is the beginning of evil. Money should be something that supplements our well being and should not be the center stage of our daily lives lest we lack answers when we ask ourselves, “where is the love that we had?” “Where are the friends and family members we used to share with?”
Let us find time to be with each other and share with others, time to seek our Creator in prayers and supplications and at the same time intercede for others. We should find time to be alone and meditate in a bid to find ourselves and even trace where we got lost and above all free time to help and inspire others. Money has been there, it is there and will be there and we might not regret having never had any but we will only regret having not loved enough, having not shared the love so freely given or even having not opened the heart to appreciate our families, friends and those who ever crossed our lives.

Geoffrey Nyapara Ndege Copyright@2015

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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