Science and religion. In most cases we never come to our senses unless our minds are triggered to live the present by a crisis moment. I have had to look at some of the great people who lived successfully until they found their true senses during the last days on this earth. Often than not, science and our faith are usually at loggerheads. One fact however stands out in every of this conflict moments; that the biblical truths of religion stand up over scientific theories and technologies. I am tempted to repeat again here on this column that in any case, science and technology can never overpower nature however hard they try. The theory of evolution and philosophy. During my early years in high school, I used to get disturbed and sometimes amazed that we evolved over many years from baboons to be the people we are today. One thing used to disturb me most; what has been the most recent evidence of evolution? You too can not remember. I went to university and read of many theories in my science course and to be sincere whenever I saw the word “theory,” I always discarded them as merely theories. After all aren’t they theories? The crisis moment did come to the man behind the evolution theory towards his final journey on earth, and he accepted that for sure there exists another powerful source of power that controls the universe. The power is not far away from what you already thought; God. the world has had very great philosophers of our age right from the likes of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Karl max Aquinas and many more others. They loved wisdom so much that they devoted their time to pure research on human, society and religion in relation to each other. All of them tried in some way to develop the branch of metaphysics that deals with the fundamental nature of existence of things as they are. Nature and the universe is the branch on which metaphysics has been widely developed on. Unfortunately nobody seems to give a very plausible explanation on the fundamentals of nature and universe existence. Some of these philosophers who widely developed theories to prove that God does not exist later on, in their death beds did acknowledge the existence of a supreme being that is the king of the universe and nature. The king they at the crisis point did acknowledge was not any other than God. The Bible describes Him as the author and the finisher of our faith. The crisis and us.ndege The crisis is usually the plan of Satan. When we do acknowledge that God exists, and indeed He does exist, we do acknowledge too that Satan (that old serpent) does exist. Before any point of salvation reaches any soul, a crisis point develops in which Satan wants to develop and taint the character of God as negative. That God makes His people to suffer and undergo pain without any considerate mercies is what satan wants me and you believe. Often that is not the case. God does allow us to be tempted but does not tempt us. Again God does not allow those temptations that we cannot afford to overcome come our way, what a loving Father he is. Just like any normal society, laws are needed to guide the society in maintaining order and peace. God’s government also has a rule of operation which is full of choices. It is not the choice of Christ that we be faced by crisis points; it is our choices often that lead us to the crisis moments and points that we find ourselves in. To the zealous Christians, those crisis moments are good since they keep us on course. To the new children of God in the faith,  S.D.A, the crisis point is want brings the conversion that leads many of us to get the salvation of our Jesus Christ. Amid the crisis, brethren, I beseech thee to be strong because Christ has promised to be with us as he did to Jacob, Jeremiah and David. He has said in Matthew 28:19 and 20 that he will be with us even to the end of ages as we do the work he has commissioned all humanity to engage in; being missionaries. Geofffrey Ndege @ 2016

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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