Abuse of Drugs, whether hard or Prescriptive, should be Avoided at all Cost.

Abuse of Drugs, whether hard or Prescriptive, should be Avoided at all Cost.

During our primary and secondary school day, most of us can remember those talks that were held in our schools to sensitize us on drug abuse. Looking at it critically, it was more of threats and warnings as opposed to enlightening.

For the case of enlightening, there is room for someone to make personal choices. Where threats are involved, there is no aspect of choice. No wonder when some of us found that freedom post-secondary school, abusing drugs became inevitable.

If history is anything to go by, drugs have taken most high-profile people down more than we can imagine. Remember that these are people of national and international interest whose lives are in the public domain. Ask yourself how many low profile or rather common deaths have occurred through abuse of drugs and we never come know of them.

Illegal drugs are many. Hard drugs are one class and these are well known to most if not all of us. They include marijuana, cocaine, heroin and their derivatives. Then there are legal drugs that get abused due to overuse or addiction.

Some of us could be knowing of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, nicotine as such. But there are derivatives of these as well as different forms of the same drugs which include: lysergic acid diethylamide, methadone, methadone hydrochloride, methamphetamine, methedrine, diacetylmorphine and many more others.

As a matter of fact, most of these drugs have various names with which they are identified with on the streets and ones a layman may not know. They are called chalk, crank, glass, ice, chicken feed, crack, hell dust, nose candy, coke, snow et cetera.

The legal drugs abused often have active components of the hard drugs named above but which are clinically administered for medicinal purposes. Most of these drugs are prescriptive drugs which when not used properly end up becoming addictive and before one knows it, they are abusing them. They include opioids, depressants, stimulants specifically such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, benzodiazepines, diazepam et cetera.

Part of these legal drugs are used in times of surgery to suppress pain. For this purpose, some people purchase them to act as pain killers yet their effects are known to be strong and improper use could lead to the shutdown of the central nervous system.

A faction that doesn’t raise much eyebrows include drugs prescribed by doctors to treat nervousness, anxiety and depression. The effect of these drugs is to bring a calming effect to the neurons in the mind by increasing production of a counteractive hormone or suppressing the overproduction of the hormone responsible for the effect experienced by the victim.

The greatest risk comes when someone uses these drugs over a long time until they begin to have the feeling that the drugs are becoming ineffective. By effect, these people go looking for other stronger drugs to use or increase the dosage without a doctors’ guidance.

Dangerous still is the aspect of using more than one drug to get the effect one desires such as bringing a calming effect for an anxious person. On the extreme, abusers of these drugs take multiple drugs in a bid to achieve the feeling they perceive as right according to their challenge.

An example could be taking sleeping pills and not getting the sleep as one desired. The person then decides to take antidepressants thinking that perhaps that would hasten the sleeping. A short while later this person may decide to add into their system drugs for suppressing anxiety as they could think it is one of the reasons for their sleeplessness.

By the end of the day, you realize the person has put an overdose of drugs into their system and if help delays the person ends up dying. This explains the deaths of major Hollywood stars whose lives were cut short due to instances relating to or arising out of abuse of prescriptive drugs and hard drugs. Some of these include Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Whitney Houston among many more others.

Going to a level where one adds hard drugs into the mix of prescriptive, one simply gets to sign their death warranty. Not Hollywood alone, but locally as well. We have seen lives cut short or promising lives turned upside down due to abuse of drugs.

There is one argument I love. It goes to the effect that anti malaria drugs treat malaria. Cancer drugs treat cancer and other thousands of drugs which treat diseases that are well known to us. Then a question comes to us, what disease do depressants treat, what of antianxiety drugs, what of those that are administered to address nervousness? It may look a stupid argument but one that is poignant.

The point is this, the heart knows how to address its issues in such cases as nervousness, depression, anxiety etc. The focus of a person should be on the brain and simple therapy, exercise and focus can help such that drugs be the last possible option. Those repetitive drugs use for such cases should be avoided.

Hard drugs abuse should be avoided by means as well. Those ones are very addictive as well and overdoses are common which leads to violence and death. Their effects on the body and in addition to prescriptive drugs at some stage in one’s life makes one hell of a combination.

Avoid hard drugs at all cost. Avoid prescriptive drugs as well unless it is very necessary. That way, you would have added life into your life.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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