Exploring Karura Forest

Exploring Karura Forest

Karura forest can be described as of the few sites in the capital city Nairobi where one can take a trail walk and enjoy an interactive moment with nature. A visit to Karura can be summed up in a few words as a friendly visit to appreciate nature.

The forest is accessed through Kiambu road off Thika road at the Muthaiga police station interchange or through Limuru road.  Through Limuru Road, the entry point is at Gate A while the entry point along Kiambu road is at gate C.

Entry to the forest usually attracts an entry fee of 100 shillings for adults and for those who come with their vehicles, there is an extra parking fee of 200 shillings which has since been raised from 100 shillings previously charged up to around March 2022.

Once inside, plastic bags are not allowed and you are encouraged to carry your drinking water in non-pet bottles. Carry the water in non-disposable bottles and as for food, you better carry it in those non-disposable packages as the administration there is very keen on conserving the forest.

Among the sites you will enjoy inside the forest include a nature walk and footpaths along very old and mature trees and vegetation. Further still, you get to observe a waterfall in the forest and a butterfly lake inside. You will also have an opportunity to see caves inside the forest and if you are lucky, you will get to find and interact with some wildlife such as monkeys.

For the lovers of cycling, there are bicycles for hire so that one can get to exercise while enjoying a breeze of fresh air. You can also choose to take a jog inside the forest trail without the fear of rubbing shoulders with fumes from vehicles.

It is a place you can choose to go as an individual, you can make it a family outing place, once can pick up a group of friends and take a nature walk while interacting at Karura forest. It also makes a perfect place for those who wish to have intimate outdoor dates.

It is high time you considered taking a walk to Karura and being a friend of Karura. To get more information about a visit to Karura, visit their website karurafriends.org.

The following are a few pictorials of Karura forest. If you have been there, kindly leave a comment on how your experience was.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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