2024; A Peek into Horizons.

2024; A Peek into Horizons.

We are officially in 2024. And as is customary, I always go off track during the end of the year to jot something about the Christmas and New Year celebrations. So, first things first, Happy New Year 2024. I wish you a happy year, a year of a difference and a year of enlarged territories. Remember words have power.

Have you decided what your 2024 will look like? Or like one of my friends, you’ve decided to get going and figure out things while on the journey? Or you are in the far ‘realities’ group, the one that has zero expectations and is simply open to whatever the year brings?

The latter fits into yet another thought I have received now and again that I shouldn’t expect the times in future to be any better. On the equivalence, we are in evil days, and it will only get worse. Yet in all that, my philosophy remains the same, that it always gets better. In other words, what we expect of the new year largely depends on what angle we are looking at it from.

The good news about the new year is that it is new to all of us. None of us knows what exactly will take place tomorrow or even next month. Even the weather expert can only forecast, and for them just like all of us, there is a bigger power at play.

Some people subscribe to the thought that the bigger cosmic power works in harmony with what we wish for. We become the vision bearers and the universe in a way works together with us to achieve those plans and dreams we have. This agrees with the concept that if you badly want something, you work harder towards getting it. And what happens finally, you get it. It all depends on how badly you wish/want that thing.

That is the very reason I look at the whole of 2024 from this second day as though I was standing on the hills in the village and looking hitherto at the horizon. Looking back, I see how far I have come. Looking forward, I see how far I need to go.

Looking back and noting the far I have come assures me that I can make it to the horizon before me. It acts as a motivation that if truly the universe is in harmony with my thoughts and dreams, then what lies ahead of me will truly come to fruition.

It is a new year and like a ship, navigate and cruise the new year as you deem best fit for you. Photo Courtesy of Scotland Connected. 

I challenge you to look into the horizon of 2024. Look at yourself in December 2024 on yet another eve of transitioning into a new year and see what you would want to look like. Do you see yourself as more financially stable? Do you anticipate being more physically fit? Whatever, you want yourself to look like physically, socially, economically, and emotionally needs working from this time going forward.

In as much as people want to forget 2023, which is easier said than done, I always encourage people to use the past year as a blueprint to envision the year 2024, twelve months in advance. What worked and what didn’t? Do you want to be in the same place with what worked and didn’t work at the end of 2024? Do you want what didn’t work in 2023 to be at par with worked and a few further strides ahead with worked come the end of 2024? It is all in your ship. And the good thing is, you’re the captain.

For me, I choose to see the year 2024 as a year of success. Much as we may fear that we are always at the tipping point of world wars at the snap of a finger or the destruction of the world at the press of a button, I will keep doing the best for myself towards becoming the person I envision. A better version of myself.

The fear of things going wrong in 2024 is out of consideration. Do you know why? Because if I focus on why things might go wrong, I will be paralyzed to do anything meaningful. I will sit and wait for my end. And if it is delayed, imagine how much precious time I would have lost and how much I would have wasted myself.

2024 is in your hands. You choose what you knead it to look like. Remember though that to have the best caricature of your year at the end now, you only need to envision that end at this very beginning. So, peek into the horizon and see your 2024 and make it happen.

From all of us here at Daily Focus, we wish you all the best and lots of success in your endeavours in 2024.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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