A Little Gossip for Today

A Little Gossip for Today

There is a way that man can make what is taken to be negative be positive once in a while. The best example of this narrative can be our Kenyan politics and our politicians. They can change narratives in a twinkle of an eye and whatever looked evil becomes a baptized good thing.

No wonder the common say takes to the fact that a lie repeated so many times begins to become somewhat true. Sometimes there are lies we tell ourselves and some other times it is either the lies we tell others or the lies they tell us. However, the most dangerous lie is the one we tell ourselves.

Let me digress a little further. I don’t drink alcohol (well it has been a long time) but I have been in areas where my friends enjoy the summer and winter drinks and advice each other. One recurring statement has been on when to know the drink is taking a better part of the consumer.

They repeatedly say that when you begin noticing that every girl in the chamber is beautiful, including those you ask to be cursed if found with while sober, you better start thinking of going home. Another case is when you find yourself beginning to smile at everyone including bottles and lights.

Now, this is the problem with gossip. It is sweet. Once it gets to our ears, we can change our course of direction albeit to get the whole juicy story to the very end. My kind of short gossip for today will be different. It is my gossip that I am spitting out to you.

When I was growing up, I looked fearless and tough. Most of the time I carried the day if there were fights and competitions. I was the guy who stood to speak when others felt shy. In case you are a girl and you came to our sight, as the small hunters and gatherers, then I would be the guy to take the shot.

I grew up knowing that this world was my paradise to conquer. I wish this period comes to play in my life at this stage. Self-doubt was not to be associated with me. Unfortunately, as with a majority of us reading this, things kept changing slowly over time until like the man in the bar, we didn’t notice we had a smile even for the thin air.

Times kept coming and going, and we also kept interacting with a widened society that started to question our smartness. Whatever confidence we had to conquer the world started facing opposition from the so-called forces of self-doubt.

And those who took sciences as their line of profession, we got taught that empiricism is the sole baseline for holding to truth. We were taught to be logical and before we executed anything, we were asked to question ourselves thoroughly until now we find ourselves thinking if our very lives are not a scam in themselves. The long-term effect is that as we age further and further, without care to re-engineer our thoughts and lives, we end up being like locomotives controlled by some forces of which we are not even aware.

So, recently as I sat to have that self-talk or rather self-dialogue as many of us know it, I called the legendary Isaac Newton to that table, the maestro Martin Luther King, the iconic Abraham Lincoln, and some well-known figures fit to sit on the board of a fallen giant looking to rise.

Out of that meeting came this gossip I want to put to you in form of a ‘lie’ that I want us to hold in us. If we repeat it in ourselves and gossip it within ourselves and to our closest friends and acquittances who would not judge us whatsoever, then its truth would mean a change in ourselves.

Tell yourself as many times as possible that you can be the most you ever dreamt of. Look at yourself in front of the mirror and see the winner therein. Talk to that winner and encourage him to think about wins even in the face of defeat. Remind that winner that failure is never the end.

It takes great energy to break out of the cocoon of disguise we and society have put us in. That means forcing yourselves to take the bigger fights not fearing losing a tooth but looking at the what if you win the trophy.

To get there, the philosophy is simple. When you think of doing something, “JUST DO IT” and never lose sight of the ultimate prize.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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