Celebrating Fathers is Celebrating the universality of Life.

Last week on Sunday, we celebrated Father’s day. Frankly saying, there are many of us who look at these celebrations to do with Women, mothers, men, fathers and the like as a pharisaical epitome of pretense simply because the argument tend to incline itself towards singularity of the day as opposed to the whole concept. 

In other words, these people want the celebration to be celebrated daily in whatever simplistic manner as opposed to waiting for a day in a year to do ‘cumulative’ celebration. Yet there are as many people who see the singular one day celebration as the best way to go.

After all don’t we celebrate the marriage on that single day of inception? A wedding is but that one day that starts us off in our marriage lives. The other pact will ask loudly if it is worth it compared to the marriage life that takes up every other day after that. It is a discussion that is not about to end soon.

Whatever side you are, one point remains that you all celebrate fathers. The only difference is the approach we give it. It thus means that appreciating the role of fathers is one that should not be taken for granted because they play a very important role in the ecosystem.

Let me take my father for instance, he is an old man today but I reminisce memories of him putting his family first while growing up. At some point he would go for long without replenishing his wardrobe because he wanted us clothed first.

It didn’t clock in our young minds that that was a huge sacrifice for us. Fast forward to today, I am beginning to appreciate the fact that as a father you come last. You sacrifice a lot for self for the sake of the family. You ensure the affairs of the family come first above everything.

As a father you ensure that the trust of your children is strongly anchored in you. If that is not done, then the world ends up judging us harshly. The failure of the family lies squarely on our shoulders, we are first seen through the plurality lens of the family before the singularity lens of us as an individual comes to play.

Then there is the trust of our partners that needs to be credited into our accounts of responsibility. When it didn’t work, it is the man who didn’t put in enough effort to make it work. When things became thick, it is the man who failed to win the confidence of the woman that things would get better.

When the bullet is fired, you are expected as a father to take it on behalf of everybody under your umbrella. Think on behalf of everybody else and if possible three to five steps ahead because at the end of the day all eyes will be set on you.

So when you see all these men called fathers, respect them. Besides taking the bullets, they have taken additional machetes, arrows and spears for the family. The best celebration we can give them goes beyond putting their pics on our statuses to say how good they are. Those are called vain words, others often being out of convenience because everybody else is doing it.

The best celebration we can give this species called fathers is an immense support and appreciate that they go through a lot to ensure we are fine. An example of what support means can be taken from the case of lawyer Dunstan Omari.

When he was going for his masters, the wife paid for his college fees and supported him by all means until he graduated. Once he was done, the husband this time paid for the wife’s masters fees. Talk of family goals that has seen their mutual understanding soar to heights so to say.

What these men need is a shoulder to lean on and a cheer to keep them going in the course of life. Even the king of the jungle needs a shoulder to lean on and get pampered too. Once this is done the ecosystem balances things out and life becomes worthwhile.

When the father is supported and encouraged, it means society is at peace. The children are okay and the wife is happy. The family is well provided for and there is understanding in the family which simply means life is good.

This is not dependent on the abundance in the home but on the quality of association. When the life in the family is very serene even the pets understand. The neighbours enjoy quality relationships, children are okay and motivated in their school work and life endeavors. Friends live well without conflict when the fathers are fine.

In other words, when the fathers are okay, then society is okay. Try reversing the equation and you realize that if the king is threatened, then the whole kingdom is not at peace. The queen will never be at peace because the king doesn’t sleep, workers will be disturbed because the king doesn’t eat and is easily angered. The subject can’t see their king because he is unsettled and mad.

When all things are this way, the whole kingdom doesn’t know peace. This is what happens in the home when the fathers are threatened. Let’s celebrate our fathers always because when we celebrate fathers, we celebrate the universality of life



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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