Feeling Like You’re Burning Out?

Feeling Like You’re Burning Out?

We all have those feelings of burning out once in a while. We often undergo those very stressful moments when the only thing left in us is the energy to decide if we should still hold on or simply walk away. We can simply call it a morsel of energy.

Imagine waking very in the morning and spending all your day in the pursuit of trying to make meaning out of this life and when you return in the evening to your house or bunker you realize, as the Ecclesiastical teacher put it, that you had been chasing the wind.

Take a moment and look at that path that decided to walk in with lots of optimism and you ended up realizing that it only led to a dead end. What of the sacrifices did you make in your pursuit of a very cherished and adored thing that you loved doing and only ended nowhere?

We have had such moments in our lives. And the only sensible thing in the shortness of that period when you are wearied down that you think of doing is to just give up. That is what our logic often tells us.

But what if we muscled that last bit of energy to put up one more fight. A point of caution though is always to ensure that the wars you decide to put one last fight for are in line with the causes you care for and worth risking for what could be described as your last portion of life in you.

When David gets weighed down by the challenges of this life, he wonders where his help can come from. He doesn’t give up yet, rather he changes the line of his thoughts and seeks outside help. That is when he realizes that his help can come from God.

This tells us that at the point we feel like burning out, it is fine to seek help. We can never muster or have individual solutions to all the challenges that face us, rather we need to understand the power of synergy. It spreads the load and eases what we bear.

The first choice we can often think of like David should be God. He has already extended an invitation to us that are already heavy laden to take our loads to him and he will relieve us and thus find solace. It only means that we have not headed that call or more often we choose to ignore it.

Could it be that sometimes it okay to choose to burn out? This is a tricky question given the approach I took in the preceding paragraphs.  I considered the case of Samson in the Bible, and perhaps the historical persecution of the Apostles as well as our elder brother Jesus.

In their cases, they chose to burn out. They remained true to the cause of their callings to appoint of counting it of no value, the lives in which they lived as they looked forward to the reward that awaited. In finding themselves at a point of burning out or sacrificing what they stood for, for the short-term gain whose end was in perdition, they chose to burn out.

Even in life, if you find yourself, please where you feel like burning out in the pursuit of attaining excellence for your goals, you better burn out. In other words, don’t just give yet. At this point you don’t have to put up one more fight, simply put more fights till you can’t fight anymore.

 Fight until when you “give up your spirit,” you do so in a fighting position. At some point, I almost gave up till I realized that champions don’t give up. I am not quitting yet; the fight is on till the very last point.

So, if you feel like burning out, don’t burn yet or burn out altogether. It just depends on where you stand…

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at dailyfocus9@gmail.com
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