Friendships and The Young People.

Friendship is a crucial aspect in many people’s lives. To the older people, friendships however crucial are not priority as opposed to young people. For young people, friendships matter a lot. Mostly the young people are either in the phase where they learn by observation or by rebellion. By observation it means, they learn by seeing what they see other people doing specially up to the age of fourteen. After age fourteen to age twenty four, the young people learn mostly by rebellion and this is as a result of a number of circumstances.

The sense of belonging is the first thing that makes young people to highly value friendships because to them specific timespans matter most. They live by the notion that their life is for the moment and if they don’t live for that moment then they will live to regret. A good example is the settings in which the young people find themselves in. At a young age, school is a primary setting in which the young people find themselves in to socially interact. As they interact friends matter a lot to them. They learn from others, they usually want a shoulder to lean on especially when they start to feel like they are not getting the attention they need from their parents. At the stage where they learn by rebellion, some of the young people feel that when the parents instruct them not to do whatever the parent know is not right, they are being condemned. At this stage friendships become very critical so much. They need their friends to give them a shoulder to lean on.young-people

The aspect of time is another thing that has made friendships matter a lot to young people today. In the modern times, young people have been given more freedom by their parents. The result of this is due to the fact that modern parents have become busier than before and this has made it possible for them to spend less time with their family. Most of these young people end up  finding that they cannot find the affection they want from their parents or associations. Because of this, most of them end up turning to their friends for that social needs they have.

Another aspect of time is dependent on the modern form of how young people spend their time in social settings in. They go to parties and others host parties which in most cases are age sensitive and due to these, they only need people who are close and of the same age bracket to get the best out of such. Changing forms of social interactions among the young people at the second stage becomes even more pronounced now that they learn by rebelling. In most cases some parents cannot participate in such activities as it mostly involves lots of travelling and this makes the young find how to enjoy these social activities and that is when friendships come in very handy.

Looking at the development stage of young people, they reach a stage where they feel like even if they told their parents or older people about their challenges or problems, they may not understand them. Most of this varied challenges get reacted to by the parents in a way suggestive that they don’t understand their specific need or are insensitive. By this virtue, the young people end up believing that their other friends who are usually their equal understand them better and hence end in valuing their friendships and associations with them much more.

Sporting activities and hobbies in modern era are usually participated by young people. Gaming in sports such football, volleyball, hand ball among others demand that teams play and at least people to be there who will be cheering the game. Most young people enjoy it when they are in groups of young people. Most parents could be busy doing other things and taking care of other errands, these people find it easier to do most of these things when in groups which usually include a close group of friends. Music and learning new instruments as a way to break boredom is as a result of keeping busy where these young people can end hooking up. Sometimes peer pressure makes it easier for young people to match the current trends and most of them value their peers to be source of information on keeping them to be at  bar with the ever changing world. This creates friendships which most young people value a lot.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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