How Does Love Relationships and Marriage Compare in France and Kenya?

While coining this title, an idea went through my head and I found myself laughing out loud. I was wondering if I was doing justice to compare France and Kenyan in matters of love or I simply needed to begin by comparing ourselves with Nigeria?

There has been a lot of antagonism between Nigerian and Kenyan men as given by the female cream concerning what they call romance. A section of the women say that Nigerian men are far more romantic than there their Kenyan counterparts. Another faction of the women folk dissipates this sharply by saying there is no romantic men in the world like the Kenyan ones.

Then the first group of women goes ahead to warn the second group not to bury their heads in the sand by denying what they call ‘fact.’ I am a Kenyan man and as you would guess, I will agree with the women who say Kenyan men are the best. After all nobody disowns their own. It’s not African to do that.

So now I have gone ahead to bring a comparison between the French and Kenyan folks. In fact, so to begin with, as long as you are a Kenyan man who speaks the French language fluently; then winning yourself a woman isn’t a big issue.

I am reading and following on a debate about whether French is a sexist language or not and by the end of it all, we could know the reason why these Congolese men come to Kenya and our women all of a sudden begin loving Rhumba music. The next thing we hear perhaps is that of our women finding their way into Kinshasa in the Congo.

But did you know that we can compare love relationships in Kenya with other countries? This is because the metrics of measure is one and the same thing. For example, in our comparison today, we begin by understanding what the ages of marriage are between the two countries. In our country, the average marriage age for the men and women is about 30 and 25 years respectively.

In France, the years are 38 and 35 respectively for the men and women. And it is said largely that the French women are highly passive which can as well be said for a majority of the Kenyan women. This means that the women are inactive and submissive hence the man has to make the first move.

There could be exceptions with this but majorly that is how it works. It is the men who do the hunting although in Kenya as well as France, the lady could give hints should they like the man and wish to have him. Signal sending is two way in that the men too could send them.

Funny enough it is estimated that a French girl can fall in love in 60 seconds. Quite fast, uhm? Compare that to Kenya where probably one would need an army plan in order to win a woman. And the fastest an average Kenyan girl can fall in love could be in half an hour time.

You will need time to crack them to talk to you suppose you were strangers. Next you will need a couple of minutes to disarm them their bad attitude before you can fire the missiles which will be neutralized at the very beginning. It is after another couple of minutes before you fix the missiles to penetrate the neutralizer and then you can sigh of a war won.   

It is interesting to note that divorce rates are very high in France at 55% compared to us here. In Kenya, divorce rates are about half or less of the French one. So, it is highly likely that when you get married to a Kenyan woman, the marriage is likely to endure to old age to some degree. Not so if you find yourself married to a girl from Paris.

Another interesting thing with French is that 6 out 10 of the French children are born out wedlock. It could compare sharply with Kenya as time goes by but for now it could be about half of that. That means that more people could be living together but not married. And they will be okay with that.

Cheating seems to be widely accepted in France. Kindly don’t try it to a conservative Kenyan. That could mean disaster. The reason for this behavior could be because the French constitution doesn’t recognize church weddings as marriage except it is done at the attorneys’ chambers first. In Kenya, church weddings/marriages are highly regarded.

This brings in the next difference where about 3% of all annual legal marriages in France are of homosexuals. In Kenya, this is wrong. Those who breach our values only follow their own legal discourses to get married. If it happens in the villages, you will be stoned in broad daylight. Homosexuality is taboo and given the fact that we are a largely Christian country.

But then there is a general agreement among all the people that French people are very romantic and that they know what to do or which knobs to switch on to make the relationship a ride of a lifetime. The only problem is that the lifetime expected may not be even by half of it because cheating is a norm.

One fact that we can take from the comparison is that don’t go painting the grass on your side while your neighbors are watering theirs.  There are many people who are willing to trade places with us and water our grass. Simple to say, where you fall in love and to whoever that may be, kindly be the best amour et tourtereaux (love and lovebirds) you so much dream of, simple.  



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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