It’s Wendy Who Taught Me Love.

I knew her long time ago. A new friend introduced me to her and I immediately liked her. She was so cute, her skin color was my favorite and the way she was calm could guarantee nothing less but adoration.

Having changed houses, I had left behind another lovely friend who was by no chance as good as Wendy. Despite the close resemblance, my new friend had a very unique way of bonding with me. She often came to my house and we shared a meal. I knew right there that we would be good friends. I did all my best to please her and she liked it. She seemed not content with my cooking at times but anytime I did a delicacy so yummy; she could lick her little nails clean.

One day, it rained seriously. I couldn’t tell exactly where she was and I had not seen her around. As the rain angrily ate the ground, I was left to wonder where she had gone. Once the rain subsided, she came knocking dripping water profusely. She didn’t excuse herself but ran straight and sat on my bed. I got pissed by her.

I wanted to scold her and throw her out. Wait a second; her look was full of pity yet so full of love. I let her pride in the comfort of the warmth of the house.

Lesson one learnt; true love is always expressed in the face of adversity and solemn anger as is expressed in time of joy and merry.

Time moved as I became even more attached to her and could make it a custom to create time and play with her at the end of the day. She could run and hid behind a big tree at the front yard of the house. I could chase her there and it never looked awkward. We were having the time of our life.

When I would be reading, she could be by my side either sleeping or having her time. Reading was not her thing and has never been. She just loved having fun, eating and sleeping. That made me have some time of tranquility and a chance to enjoy alone too.

Lesson two learnt; if you cannot complain amid the small stuff you do, you certainly love each other. What of the silence? Having a silence between you and you find it cool and still understand each other means the essence of love. Finding peace intra and inter of the association beyond understanding.

Wendy Love
True Love is never far away. It is all around us. PHOTO courtesy of picpulp

It was never a joy ride all through though. Like there is a day I had a bad day in a meeting at work. I didn’t feel like I wanted to play that day but still she wanted us to. Amid that, she dirtied my clothes with mud and made me really upset. I threw words at her and she ran and sat idly all alone looking at me with grief. What had become of me all of a sudden? I had to do a rapporteur on how to build our relationship again. I did succeed.

Lesson three learnt about love; to love truly means to build bridges in the relationship when they are broken. It is very important to make peace with a person you love because the relationship is far much greater than both of you can really comprehend.

Again I took a chance to learn how to repair broken bridges –build broken relationships – from a simple disagreement with Wendy. We later became better friends since we had understood each other better than we first thought. I simply learnt that no situation is permanent and that on the verge of letting go is when we ought to hold on the most.

As days went by, Wendy grew and matured. I grew and became wiser too. If you think we separated and went our own ways; you are wrong. She became more valuable and closer. With that, she became mysterious now. I had to enroll in another course to unravel all that surrounded the new found mystery. We had already agreed to live beyond our differences.

Then one day she ate all the food without permission and without my knowledge. It was fish. I could have beat her up but I laughed so much and instead gave her more food to eat. I loved her of course.

Then days came when we both became busy. We incorporated that too and still kept together. She could meow and go her way to sojourn this land of plenty and I could be okay with that. The good thing is that she came back and we played and still kept together.

Final lesson about love; It never goes, it stays and stands the test of time. It grows and becomes better even in our absences. The beauty lies in seeing beyond the ordinary, seeing deeper into the soul.

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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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