Kibos Sugar Leading the Way in Environmental Sustainability matters.

Kibos Sugar Leading the Way in Environmental Sustainability matters.

In the just-concluded Propak 2022 expo, one couldn’t miss being attracted to the Chatthe group stand at the Sarit center (Chatthe group is the holding company for Kibos sugar). Everything on the stand if not most of the products being showcased told a story you would want to listen to.

The story begins with the sugar which has been the synonymous thing with Kibos. The back integration of the company’s strategy to put the farmer king has reaped big benefits. It is interesting to note that the company has extension officers who work hand in hand with the farmers to ensure that the cane is planted as required to guarantee the highest quality of sugar.

Once the sugar is refined, the by-products undergo a series of processes resulting in very nice products. The company uses the molasses – a by-product – from their processes to distill ethanol. And by simply distilling ethanol, a whole chain of products comes to mind.

Tableware on display from Kibos Paper and Packaging Ltd Photo courtesy of Author

When Covid-19 knocked on our doors in early 2020, a sanitizer became one of the most have personal products. Even some of the people who had never heard of a sanitizer were suddenly the ones explaining how a sanitizer helps fight the virus.

A sanitizer is a product of ethanol. So, Kibos does make some nice sanitizers that are non-sticky and easy to dry which come in spray and flip-top caps packages. In addition, the sanitizers come in different sizes right to the smallest pocket-size ones.

They have also gone a notch higher to formulate premium quality, safe and clean-burning liquid ethanol for cookers and lamps. The fuel is praised to be odorless, and effective since it burns longer and leaves no residues. It is a carbon zero fuel.

Fuel and Sanitizer on display from Kibos Distillers Ltd. Photo courtesy of Author

The world today is so keen on the aspect of sustainability and is striving to move to low carbon emission and even carbon zero fuels. That is why the call to embrace renewables, do afforestation, and reafforestation is getting louder.

So, coming up with a carbon zero fuel is a great step in reducing overdependence on kerosene and biomass which are enormous in increasing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. The only remaining thing is to increase the adoption of this type of fuel among our people.

Kibos has gone on a new milestone and is now using the sugarcane bagasse to make cartons, 100% compostable and biodegradable tableware. Instead of using plastic which is highly polluting to the environment, especially on disposables, Kibos is intending to promote environmental conservation consciousness.

Plastic is one of the most polluting components of land and water life. If we are to be keen on promoting environmental conservation, we better start thinking of a sustainable future and the path Kibos is taking is one worth reckoning.

They have also already envisioned a future where they will use waste filter cake from the sugar production and wastewater from biogas and ethanol production to make organic fertilizer. In terms of moving towards achieving organizational sustainability, Kibos is far ahead.

It is my plea that other organizations follow suit.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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