Life is a Journey…

Life is a Journey…

I skimmed through a few episodes of the Journey Series of Churchill Show and I couldn’t agree any less with whoever said that life is a journey. Watching those journey’s, one realizes that whatever you see as the face value is not often what it looks like.

Sometimes people confuse the success we see with notions that maybe people woke up one morning and found themselves successful. But that is often far from the truth. Behind those successes are long nights and days of struggles.

Days that people went without meals. Days that people lost appetite for sleep because things weren’t right. Still to that is the long hours spent on their knees as they prayed. I suppose those are them that understand the source of all true success.

I grew up in the village where everything looked magic. In me was something that burned deep and pushed me towards the magic itself. As a matter of fact, some people would rather see the magic and that is it. They would rather see things happen and they are fine with it.

Other people will desire to make the magic happen. These are the people who desire to make things happen. It is the same desire that burned inside of me day in day out to be successful and by doing so, I would have become part of the magic.

I only discovered as I grew older that those silver plates were never handed over to those I admired. Most of them toiled to have the silver spoons and plates on their hands. And if there were any who were born with them in hand, then they had to double their efforts to keep them lest they lose all those privileges and the world laugh at them.

Have you ever noticed that the people we admire in power and social influence cycles have to work hard to remain relevant or else they will disappear into obscurity? The aftermath of failing to maintain their power and influence has more devastating effects than we know.

So, the aspect of journeying never stops in the school of life. Everyday is a journey. We only stop when we die. But then the journey becomes better to them that dare dream. That’s why Steve Jobs came with the mantra that the greatest success was for the misfits. Those who understand that life is a journey but decry to follow the path everybody else has trekked.

I have enjoyed every single day when I sat to hear stories of what others have had to triumph in order to be where they are at any single time in life for the truly successful. It is very nice when I understand that there are no shortcuts in this life but that one must make the journey.

What are some key aspects of a journey that apply to our life as well? First of all, a journey is planned for. You don’t wake up one morning and decide to start travelling. That amounts to failure from the very beginning. It is for that reason that we need to plan about our journey’s in the school of life.

If we need to plan about a journey which may utmost take a week, what about a journey that we so much well understand takes an entire lifetime? It is thus prudent that we set goals about our journey’s in this life and decide where we want to be years down the line before our clocks stops to tick.

As a matter of fact, we can not set the same destination all of us. Yes, it is true we all desire to be successful, but the level of success will always vary. Truth be told that we all dream at one point in our sleep in our lifetime. But we never dream the same.

There is even a greater difference in what we decide to do with our dreams. Others will dream and wake up in the morning to make those dreams happen. Others will dream in the night and that will be it. They are always dreams after all.

For that reason, setting the destination in our life is not enough. We have to break it down into the details and work out the small things that entails to the journey. For a normal journey, people will go into finest details and arrange their travelling bag, go through their checklist and ensure that every single day becomes an opportunity to move closer towards making the journey a success.

The same is said of life. When we listen to the stories of them that choose to share them, we notice that they took small conscious steps every single day towards making their dreams come true. Those small steps are the things that to a huge manner amounted to what we see as success.

I will still quote Steve Jobs. He said that you can only connect the dots going backward. Which means that when we look keenly at their lives, the successful, how they planned their journeys, how they took them one step at a time then we realize they were slowly working out the matrix of what we see today.

We thus come to a single conclusion that yes life is a journey. And that every single step we take in life is a contributor towards making our journey enriching and successful or otherwise. With that in mind, we need from this day going forward to make simple, forward and conscious decisions to move towards our destinations in the journey of life. But most importantly is the drive that leads us to making the journey a success.

Remember you don’t have a choice about traveling the journey of life. But then you have a choice on how you want to travel it, and what you do while at it. The last two steps are the most important and ones that will determine the success of that journey. Contemplate about them keenly.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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