My relationships; why 2017 will be different.

The year 2017 dawned while I was in the city. Fireworks thunderously filled the atmosphere at 0000 hrs. My year had started earlier. However, the sound made me rethink a little. Here came 2017, What things could I do differently in terms of my relationships? how would I make it look different? I started the new year optimistic that it would be good or at least I would make it good. To achieve this I made some resolutions.

So my first resolution was to meet new people and make new connections. By increasing my network, I will learn about other people’s stories. It is four weeks into the new year and I am doing fine. I have found new friends spurning business and many other social spheres.

Then came the idea of trying out new ways of approaching friends. I decided to simply meet some new people randomly. I, for example, can think of asking to meet a completely new person we have not shared with before. In doing so, I want to be surrounded by all kinds of people. The modern age revolves around igniting the fire in people to dream. To make people dream, you have to relate with them. In this, it has been challenging so far. Kenyans, I have come to realize, fear speaking to new people irrespective of the setting.

Meeting new friends at a past event. Photo: Author

I also decided to be diverse in my relationships. Tribe-all is my newest slogan. Class-all is my new game. Race-all is the new objective. There is a lot to learn from the many people that surround us. Age, colour, tribe, and profession is just a thing that keeps us at bay from exploiting human relations. The successful know the importance of having connections with all types of people. At least you learn something from each of them.

My family came in from another perspective. I saw it wise to make each family member feel good about themselves. I also decided to keep in touch with them more; with lots of passion. We can only have them for a specified period. So family relations are of critical importance in this year 2017. We will be united and close going forward.

To those friends I had from before, I decided that I would keep in touch with them. That any call, text or email I receive from any of them, I will answer diligently. The future might not be surrounded by technology alone, it will surround people. For them to make use of the technology and the abundant resources, personal relations will play a key role. So this is the year to repair our relationships.

I will make new relationships, I will make new associates, and perhaps I will meet my love in 2017. But all I will do is have the greatest personal relations with people. We ought to make people trust us before we can begin to unleash their potential. 2017 is a good year, I am optimistic about it. So be my friend, contact me, meet with me, write to me and let’s connect. It is the best we can have.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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7 years ago

Terrific piece

kennedy chomba
kennedy chomba
6 years ago

Good piece Geoffrey. I love the stories, very inspiring.

kennedy chomba
kennedy chomba
6 years ago

good piece Geoffrey

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