The Bold and Risk Takers.

The Bold and Risk Takers.

Imagine you are a pilot flying across the Indian Ocean and the airplane runs out of fuel, what do you do? Do you panic and lose hope? Do you decide from then on to fight every moment to try and make a safe landing even if it means landing on the water (sounds crazy, yeah)? Or you let destiny take its course?

Of course, we will all react differently in such a situation. Some of us will instantly choose to say our last prayers and wait for the worst to happen. If we are lucky to make it to the survivors list, we wonder how it happened and live to thank God for the prayers we made.

But then asking ourselves some critical questions at the moment we realize things are not good could go a long way to help us make a choice of taking bold steps as a result of the decisions we make. What if we tried and chose not to resign to our fate?

If we were to die, could it not be sensible that we die while trying. This is a philosophy I hope we need to cultivate in all of us. Well, things may not be good, but then we’ll need to choose not to die without putting a fight. It is more noble to know that at least you tried your very best.

Regrets is one of the worst things most of us cannot fathom. I once desired that when I lie on that death bed, I should do so while smiling of having taken the greatest risks ever. I could not wish to lie there helplessly wishing I had tried some other things. It will only add pain and hasten my death.

Close to truth though, I have realized that some things work against our conscience and desires and like the Apostle Paul, we find ourselves creeping slowly towards that that we desired should not be credited to our moral account of justice.

It has puzzled me over the ages what makes some people bold to risk it all and what makes others choose to play it safe. I am yet to come to a conclusive decision but I am beginning to think that it is okay to sometimes harbor the care less attitude.

If for example you walk in a path where everybody chooses to pass the bridge because they think it is the safest place to pass when nobody has ever tried to swim. Foolishly, it is okay to try and swim across or use the boat and see what happens.

What if you swim across and nothing happens? You will know that it is possible to get to the other side safely should the bridge collapse one day. You will be one step ahead. Some people will term such an action as foolish; that you could risk losing your life.

  But then we ask ourselves what if everybody had that in mind, probably we could be under colonial rule to-date. A decision taken by one person or a group of people back in the day made it possible that we have a freedom today. It cost lives for us to enjoy the freedom we have today.

The what if is a crucial consideration when we are making some decisions; especially the bold ones. Probably you are considering to start a completely new course of life, then you go convincing yourself how it can’t work. Ever wondered what if it worked? What if it turned out to be alright and okay? This becomes the game changer.  

At this stage I hope you are beginning to agree with me that maybe by choosing to try after all is good. Either way you don’t lose. Like Thomas Edison you could proudly say I found a thousand ways that don’t work. In other words, if it doesn’t work out, at least you get the lessons.

The lessons over time accumulate and become experience and simply by such we gain more wisdom with every failure that we find on the way. Although, with every failure, we might risk losing track and trailing down the path we may not wish to.

Like a bad viral strain, it is wise to sometimes keep mutating with every failure and over time we may end up succeeding to be immune to the failure and thus succeed. It is important to choose mutations as opposed to choosing to give in and getting finished.

Choosing to sit and do nothing is akin to accepting to you fate. Suppose you keep calling a small child foolish. If they chose to be mentally strong and keep refuting the foolish labeling at the back of their heads, one day they may end up proving that they are not foolish after all.

What if they be constantly labelled foolish, and then after some two three attempts at something they keep failing. There is the risk that they may begin to colonize their minds that maybe they are foolish and that the sentiments thrown to them could be overly true. By doing that, they will not amount to anything for sure.

It takes the genius of life to live it through and choose to put up a fight till they prove to themselves that they are not foolish. In so doing, they then end up proving to their tormentors that truly they are not foolish. A trajectory that we ought to carry along in our journey of life.

So, the point is to choose to fight till the end. Another important point is that is often about us and not them. Choosing to be bold and take on the big risks should be absolutely for us. When it becomes for them then we begin to lose focus.

We all have a desire and dream. It is high time we begin to close our ears to what others say especially when they are trying to kill those dreams. Yet the toughest enemy to overcome is the one within. It is the most dangerous and brutal.

The enemy that sees that the airplane has run out of fuel across the Atlantic and tells you that there is nothing you can do and that you are dead even if you tried anything. The enemy that goes ahead to tell you that all you need to do is just sit, close your eyes and wait for death. The enemy who at worst doesn’t even remind you to say a prayer.

We should take the bravest and most bold decision towards overcoming that inner enemy. We can risk our all to see that he is defeated and thus, we can step out and face even greater risks and make bolder decisions. It will be easier to make bolder decisions externally once the inner enemy is defeated.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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