The Wendy Story; of History, Mysteries and Perceptions.

Some time back, I wrote a story on this blog about a friend of mine called Wendy. I weaved the story to be a tale of love and affection, one that taught me about the true meaning of love. I, over time learnt that the story was a real inspiration to my readers. One mystery surrounds the character of Wendy though; who is she and how is she related to me?

Wendy is undoubtedly a sweet name. A feminine hypertrophy build by charisma and obscurity. It could have not been built by my story alone but rather by other stories, some authentic and others Created. On the contrary, the name Wendy in a belittling manner means a cowardly person, weak or ineffectual.

The name Wendy, when spoken of a person, is often taken to represent beauty, enthusiasm, sleekness and even bravado. This description stands as an embodiment of feminine attraction. A charm for us the brothers and masculine species. As you might know, Men from creation were made to be visual creatures and so when we see the good in our feminine species and sense some ingenuity, a kind of mystery crops up and our perception changes. We look forward to unravel the “perceived mystery.”

Mysterious things are very valuable as served even by history. The ability to look evasive and enigmatic has been a strategy to amaze power. This thing about mystery is so sound and strong that history often remembers such and treats them as geniuses. Often something is described of such people as possessing an unusual thing, the point that sparks some mystery.

When Leonardo Da Vinci, back in the 15th century, did the painting of the Mona Lisa, mystery surrounded the painting all around his hometown in Florence to Milan where he had moved to and later to the outer world. I am not quite sure the source of the mystery but perhaps it could be the perception that often Leonardo drew about things he had observed and wanted to make them live on paper. So people started unraveling the mystery behind the painting; who was this woman? What relation was she having with Leonardo? What was it with her facial expression? What circumstances brought about their meeting if the lady was a real person and son on.

The mysterious Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Photo Coutesy of Wikipedia.

The mystery surrounding the Mona Lisa has made it one of the most prized pieces of art in history. It also serves as the most famous painting in history which has made it to be featured in numberless movies and to be highly secured. The painting is as famous and mysterious as the painter himself.

In 1865, one of America’s greatest statesman was assassinated in Ford’s theatre. The assassination stood as mysterious because of the assassin himself. John Wilkes Booth, a young theatre actor, pulled a gun on the president Lincoln’s head sending him to an early death. Why him? Though it is alluded that the young man did that heinous act because Lincoln had granted voting rights to the Negroes, it leaves us to wonder if he radicalized himself or he was under instruction from some other bigger forces.

He, with a clever strategy, managed to assemble a team that made sure Lincoln and some of his friends faced the knife and bullet. Now that it could not change the situation, was the killing worth it? Of course unraveling mysteries in history or in real life requires a lot of mastery which can often be discredited at an instant by a different perception brought about by a different person.

Around 1905 in Paris, news broke of a young oriental girl dancing in a private home with her body covered in veils. The lady known as Mata Hari created a mystery around her origin and the sense that her styles possessed power. The more mysterious she sounded, the more she was sought. In fact people perceived her as some goddess.

So strong was her mysterious nature that she was even executed towards the end of World war I in France after being taken to be a German spy. But before, she had been highly sought after even by the highest officers in government including ambassadors. Until today, some people still think of her as mysterious even after the truth about her was revealed in court during prosecution.

Mysteries surround us in our everyday lives. Sometimes we choose to be mysterious while in others we are mysterious by nature. Now in my story, Wendy is mysterious by nature first and now she has become mysterious by perception. Perception is created depending on our own understanding of a concept or an idea.

We can only unravel such mysteries by joining the dots backwards as Steve Jobs puts it in his 2005 commencement address speech at Stanford University. Let us now try to join the dots backward on my Wendy.

At first glance, you can take Wendy to be my girlfriend, a soul mate that teaches me for once that true love exits outside the truest one that only comes from the Creator. Wendy is a “good girl,” one whom you could dream to be or have. She perfectly understands me and matches my expectation. We make the best of a “couple” to be. Wendy is that mysterious “girl” to be with. We have fallen in love.

Now take a minute and find hints on whether Wendy is a lady in the story. Funny enough, she meows, steals my food, gets rained on and even dirties my clothes without caring of my feelings. Once you join the dots, you realize Wendy is a kitty, a lovely cat we clicked with from day one.

Mysteries are created by us, by our perceptions and behavior. History has shown us such from the Mona Lisa, John Wilkes Booth to Mata Hari. Perhaps they weren’t mysterious but human perception put them so and hence will remain mysterious for as long as human perception exists. Wendy is no exception.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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