Time to Move on, but what a journey it has Been!

Time to Move on, but what a journey it has Been!
It has been quite a journey. Let’s meet another time… Photo courtesy of DepositPhotos

The year was 2015, in the last quarter, when we made a debut. I was in the middle of a personal war with myself and I needed to distract myself. That is when blogging came to mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to write about but I needed to write anyway.

I had read a quote somewhere earlier on that one needed to begin where he was with what he had and do what he could. Closer home, my kin have a saying that an ass eats where it ploughs. Simply put, I had to get started in whichever way and see how far I could go. You can agree we have come far.

Back then, I went looking for a place where I would do my blogging freely and just like that, I landed at WordPress. I created a simple site and began writing. I often read about a topic and contextualized it in an article. So much was my energy that at first, I used to write as many as three articles in a week.

Fast forward, I have been doing one article per week for the last three years or so. But such a decision has ensured I write every single week. Nowadays, I don’t have any fears that I may run out of ideas. I am used to writing that I can wake up out of sleep in the middle of the night and as long as there is a computer around, I will simply write.

It has never been so though. At first, I began by writing a hard copy and then typing it later. At the same time, I needed to read lots of books before I could decide what to write about. With time, I now comfortably write directly on a computer.

Every single day, I have had a thought on what to write about in future or for the next week. I could be in a vehicle and an idea ends up popping in my mind. I then have to often hasten my activities to get to my PC and write about it but the moment I sit to write, a better one knocks on my door and I end up shelving the original idea for the future.

For this week though, I firmly decided on this simple piece of writing because it has come to that time in life when things have to change. I have written every single week for a select group of people. I have hope every single day that maybe I influenced someone. Only that I am not sure if I ever did.

So, from the start of this year, I have battled the idea of either stopping writing for good or finding a more challenging way in which I can create value for myself and my readers. At some point, I hinted at such a move in one of the pieces. Now has come the time to implement it.

I look back today and become very grateful for every single piece I wrote. In the likelihood of redoing all of these articles, I will redo them save for just but a handful including this one that may not be redone. Taking a moment and retracing my steps, it could be that this one might have been overtaken by events. 

I am changing the course of this journey having written over 340 articles. Of these, 95% are original thoughts driven by the knowledge gained from books and interactions with varied groups of people. There is and has always been room for reproducing them elsewhere up to now. What about the future? For that, time will tell.

For the few of us with whom we have engaged beyond this platform, I was and am very grateful because you gave me a reason to continue writing. To those of you who suggested topics for me and I fulfilled the promise of writing about them, bingo.

For those I promised and didn’t keep that promise, I am very sorry. But then there is also tomorrow. Things change and as such we still have hope as long as we are alive though I don’t want to make any promises for the future because every change comes with its peculiarity.

So what plans are there for the future with all these rattling? This must be the question most of you are harbouring in your minds maybe. And you have every right to ponder over such a question and other related ones because I am not only responsible for my actions alone but I am answerable to you as well from the day you became an avid reader of this blog.

For that question raised above, I will simply say that the present matters the most. I will take a very brief break and veer off into a whole new path whose challenges I am not aware of, whatsoever. When that time comes, I will let you know of my next steps.

I couldn’t mention all of you who have been integral to this blog but know deep inside that I was grateful for every single moment. I say this with a lot of seriousness because it is only in this site that I had a whole control over what I said and where I was responsible for every comment written. Keep in touch still and in my new future, you shall be part of it.

If I overlooked your sentiments in regards to this decision, I am still open to your compelling views and thoughts and you never know if I can change the decision. You only need to try your shot!



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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