True Love; the Power of a Single Story.


A single story of true love can change the world. Photo Courtesy of FlipKart

I never thought love could be that strong to change the course of things. Well, I knew that love can be strong but not to the extent of transforming bad character. When Alex met Kristen, he was a bad boy. He walked with the bad boys too. Life to them was about alcohol, women and partying.

In fact you could never think that Alex could make a turn and become a very different individual. That happening could only mean the sixth wonder of the world. As a matter of fact it did happen but at the discretion of Kristen. Until she happened to him, it was life as usual.

Women have this energy that make things happen. I have been thinking lately that there is a lot of energies that our standard curriculum misses out. One of those energies is women. It will take me the next few centuries to research on this energy and perhaps not be able to fully explain what it is before it can be incorporated in our books.

During my time, it took strokes of cane, frogging and panel beatings to repair any moral upheaval in me. My father used to address my tiny buttocks instead of the ears. He always insisted that a child’s ears are in the buttocks. It is a science I am yet to discover but it did help massively. I owe what I am today to him.

Fast forward, I realize that sometimes if you want to change a woman, get love and it’s done. What of a man? A woman can do the magic. A woman happened to Alex and he immediately came back ‘home.’ All the stupidity of boyhood changed. Was it the woman really? It worth exploring.

Alex had been having women all along the trail. In fact before he interacted with Kristen, it was another girl called Antonine that influenced him to trick a friend of his into jumping from a cliff down a steep waterfall where he ended up getting injured.

It was the same girl that made him scorn other girls he felt didn’t measure up to her league. So I am discrediting my earlier statement that it was simply a woman that made him change. There was something else; the love. The love towards a special woman.

And it was not merely any love. It was true Love. Does true love exist anyway? Alex and Kristen story confirms that indeed it does exist. They endured to the very end even if it meant being separated by death. In fact a promise Alex made to Kristen, he full filled after her death. Wondering how this story is confusing? Let me put it into order.

When Alex met Kristen, he knew she wasn’t like those ladies he had met earlier. She loved church and lived by its principles. In fact she told him from the onset that she desired to be married in the church where her mum had married his dad. Alex saw it a tall order. One he looked forward to full filling.

They started off to great start; going to dates, hanging out after school and even helping grow each other in their academia. They enjoyed each other’s company even though Kristen had warned Alex not to fall in love with her. Nature often takes its course and that is life as we understand it.


One day, some months into the relationship, Alex bumps into Kristen. They meet unexpectedly. She is frail and unhappy and Alex wonders what is wrong with his girlfriend.

“I am worn out.” Remarks Kristen avoiding eye contact with Alex.

“Go get some rest. You will get well.” Alex comforts her.

“You don’t understand. I am dying. I have an advanced Leukemia and I am not responding to drugs anymore.” She let those words hit Alex like thunder in his ears. He got lost of words and all he managed to say was, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to lose you.” Kristen tells him and off she runs crying.

Thinking that would be the end of it, Alex goes to Kristen’s home and doesn’t leave until she comes to talk to him. He promises to stand with her no matter what. A promise he keeps and even goes a notch higher to fulfill.

Kristen is dying. So Alex proposes to her and she accepts. They get married in that church she dreamt of. Kristen’s dream gets full filled in her lifetime. They fly to the Comoros for their honeymoon and a short while after their return, Kristen breaths her last.

It has been two years since she passed and a while back, Alex graduated as a medical doctor. The very promise she gave to Kristen that she would finish medical school even though before meeting her, he didn’t desire to.

This experience of true love changed Alex. It changed Alex’s parents and to the greatest extent Kristen’s dad. A whole society touched by a single story of true love. True love to a special kind of woman Alex had never met or seen before.

A single story of true love to a special woman can change the world. If you get lucky to find true love, make it a point to touch the world because only a few really get to have the wholesome experience of true love.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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