Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

I was sitting on my couch glued to my computer until something caught my attention. There was a movie playing on the TV I wasn’t interested until this moment when the main actor speaks to this young gentleman playing the criminal trying to talk to him to stop criminality.

The talk that gets me to swerve my attention is when this criminal guy is told, “Look here buddy, everybody deserves a second chance.” Interestingly enough, this guy laughs off and dismisses the talk and goes away until later on when he ‘plays’ the second chance part.

It is a paradox for this guy to laugh off the statement and then later come to stamp in agreement that indeed people deserve a second chance. I would wish to state that in my conclusion, I have realized over time that it is indeed necessary to give people second chances.

In regards to relationships, a lot of people have a bitter taste regarding second chances, especially where cheating is involved. Most ladies are the victims here whereby it is harder for them to give second chances in cases of cheating. Men as well have it harder to give second chances in such cases but they are likely to snap a lot easier than women.

Another instance where second chances are needed is where jobs are involved. If you have ever attended an interview that involves academic written exams, there is always the likelihood that once you fail the exam once, then your goose is cooked.

Most of the time though, we have often realized that passing those written exams does not mean that the individual is going to perform well and as such, should things go astray, the ones who failed should stand an equal chance of being given the opportunity should such an eventuality arise.

Still, within that jurisdiction, organizations work relative to individual employee KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Where employees fail to meet their targets, some companies use that as a basis for firing those employees. The truth of the matter though is that a lot more other organizations do offer a second chance which is what should be done across the board.

 Albeit this is just but a little illustration, we can agree that second chances need to be offered to all people where humanly possible irrespective of the area of jurisdiction. Be it in academia, family, work, business, faith matters, sports, leadership roles et cetera, people need to be given second chances before any decisions can be authoritatively made.

To illustrate the need for second chances, entrepreneurship can be used to demonstrate that. As a fact, the universe is very forgiving where honesty becomes the ultimate motive for seeking second trials. That is why as an entrepreneur, one has the opportunity to try again and again until they cannot try again.

I am one person the universe has given second chances far too many times as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. I have failed more than I have succeeded. Yet out of such experiences, I have learned a lot more than compared to the possibility of where I would have been denied a second chance.

Second chances give us the dignity to try and achieve our potential. It also puts confidence in the masses that indeed people do change suppose the second chance is extended to an individual who might have been a criminal like the individual I used in the introductory part.

As such, second chances mean healing to us in as much as it means forgiveness to those to whom they are extended. I thus ask of thee to extend second chances to people should you find yourself in such situations and where genuineness shows that change has taken place or there is a greater desire to change.

Doing so will mean meekness and humility on your part. And that may catapult you to a position of authority and power. Always remember that the most powerful leaders are often humble and never arrogant.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Politics, Policy, Technology, Current Affairs, Opinion, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, International Emerging Issues, Society, and culture. For featuring, promotions or support write to us at dailyfocus9@gmail.com
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