GoSun; The Solar Appliance Company Revolutionizing Lives Globally

GoSun; The Solar Appliance Company Revolutionizing Lives Globally

Have you ever heard of a company called GoSun? Have you interacted with any of their products? Well, you shouldn’t be worried that you have not heard of them before or even used any of their products. By the end of this article, you would want to be a part of them either as an investor, a partner, or a customer.

For those of us who have been in the outdoor space dealing with camping products and outdoor activities products, we can understand the need for solutions that meet our regular and emergency needs especially when it is most dire.

GoSun & its products

You could be wondering what these heaven-sent portable products I am talking about are. One of the most important of human life over the ages has been eating. And anyone who has been out on a camping spree can tell you how cooking can be tough when someone is not prepared. Another critical component of our lives today is getting connected with the rest of the world even from the remote parts of the universe.

It is the communication and connections that give us information. I bet we all understand that information is power. Additionally, energy has always been an important factor in ensuring that all the above aspects are met besides many other areas such as transport, and product production processes just to name a few.

Amidst all these, sustainability has been a great area of concern. And this is where GoSun and its products come into the picture. The products include solar ovens, coolers, chargers, lights, and water purifiers. The bottom line is that all these are powered by the sun. Now, tell me why your outdoor activities should be a worry.

GoSun Chiller

The Cincinnati-based manufacturer is on a growth trajectory having raised $1.6 million this year on StartEngine’s Equity Crowdfunding platform to help the company attract top talent, scale, and develop new clean technology products to help transform lives even in the remotest parts of this world.

So far, GoSun’s products have made their way to over 70 countries around the globe since its founding in 2016. With increased funding, a greater focus on research and development, and sustainable partnerships, the company projects to make cheaper products to make them affordable for all and sundry and thus increase their market penetration beyond the US.

GoSun and sustainability

In today’s global market, customers, governments, and other stakeholders are becoming keener to consider the environmental sustainability of an organization’s processes as one of the metrics to help them make purchasing decisions.

As earlier said, all GoSun products are solar-powered and are designed in such a way to make sure that they last the longest. Not only that, the organization is also working to ensure that they achieve a net zero carbon emissions.

How are they achieving this? First, they have embraced diversity and equality in their workforce. Their mantra of planting a tree for every product sold, providing aid and relief in times of social catastrophes, and providing energy literacy programs continue to ensure that everybody in their value chain is taking part in their climate change combating efforts.

 Gosun and the African Market

GoSun products seem a perfect fit for the African market given the fact that most of the countries in Africa receive sun for a better of their yearly calendar. Kenya for example lies in the tropics and receives a lot of solar energy all year round.

The unfortunate thing is that the energy we harness as a continent from renewables, especially sun and wind is very low yet the abundance of the sun and wind is on another level. To help increase the value we derive from these resources, a greater embrace of products that use the energy from the sun for example would do us a greater good. Top of those products is GoSun’s.

Yet GoSun points out that the African market is tougher chiefly because it is very price sensitive. This is escalated by high shipping costs and sometimes higher taxes. For that matter, they are looking for local distributors who can through bulky shipping help lower the shipping costs and hence lower the final selling price to make the products affordable.

So, sooner, you may be using GoSun Flow to purify your borehole water by simply using the sun. Soon you would be cooking your food using the Gosun oven while out camping with friends and family. What if there was a blackout or you were out in the woods away from the grid? No worries, with the GoSun chargers, you will be covered and remain connected with your family and friends and share those moments caught on camera in real-time.

For partnerships and inquiries, you can contact the company at support@gosun.co or 888-868-6154.

Next, we will have an opportunity to have a word with GoSun CEO and founder Patrick Sherwin to talk about a myriad of issues such as energy literacy, access, and poverty besides startup financing among other issues.

Don’t miss it out.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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