Productivity is a Sum Total of So Many Factors.

Productivity is a sum total of so many small and big things in life. Photo Courtesy of NBC News

I have been wondering why sometimes I am more productive compared to other times and I came to a single conclusion that it is because of so many factors. Most of the time it is often about my whole state of the body. That is to mean physically, psychologically and environmentally.

For instance, any time I am under stress, I am less productive. It doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative stress; bottom line is I am less productive if am stressed. This is true to most people. Stress affects the physical as well as mental faculties.

I know of my friend who once they get stressed, they eat a lot, sleep all day long and can’t do anything much. Another one doesn’t eat once stressed out and can go out of hand to do very weird things. At the end of the day, whatever they do doesn’t add up well to mean productivity.

But first, we need to understand what it means by productivity. Productivity is the ability to be useful, yield a result or be constructive. This means the ability to be given a task and being able to work on it and yield the expected results.

Before the results are achieved, for example in the context of a day, the determinant begins in the morning when a person wakes up. That is why it has always been remarked that, “If you can conquer your morning, then you could have as well conquered your day.”

That not being enough, the environment in which you wake up in or into also determines whether your day will be conquered or not. Imagine waking up into an environment of contempt, disrespect and dishonor, one thing remains for sure, you will be at work in half of the person you are.

The mere thought that that the environment you will be retiring to in the evening is not welcoming, you get overwhelmed with the mental prejudice of the hostile environment you find yourself in; one you retire to and wake up out of.

Another thing that affects productivity is the aspect of love and appreciation. I observed on several occasions that in a time when someone is feeling loved or is in love, they tend to be more productive. They are willing to give it their all. One young man I have been using as my research point for some time now plays perfectly into this aspect of love-based productivity.

What I realized is that once the young man feels in love and is in the bliss of adoration, he can work well. He will be willing to carry an elephant all alone without question. Not so when he and the girlfriend are not in good terms as is the usual case of relationships.

Not the young man alone, even another friend of mine who is married and is quite older behaves the same. When the wife and him are okay and driving in the same direction, he is very productive and constructive. Once there is something to do with disagreement between them, productivity all of a sudden plummet.

This has made me understand one thing, family plays a very critical role in the overall productivity of an individual. If an individual enjoys a lot of support from the family, most chances have been that the individual will be more productive than the one who doesn’t get any support from their family.

Another factor that affects productivity is the feeling of security. Let us take an example of a worker who has feelings of insecurity probably in regards to his or her job. The uncertainty or aspect of not being sure whether tomorrow there will be food on his or her table may result into unproductivity. They will lack the motivation to give it their all.

This works hand in hand with the aspect of appreciation. A better paid worker will be more motivated to work than the one who is paid less in a lot of cases. Even in cases where there is passion, occasional appreciation of whichever manner could mean increased productivity.

For example, in a case where we have two children assigned to do a certain task. Let’s suppose one of them doesn’t have passion for the assigned task and another one does have it. Then we tie a cost to the one without passion and leave the other with passion without any form of appreciation.

It will be realized at the end of the day that on the long run, the guy with passion may be less productive as time goes by because of lacking even a simple encouragement which might not even be monetary. Should the other child be encouraged along the way, besides the cost or gift to be given, it will turn out that they will be far more productive than even the other one who could have the skills besides having passion.

As a matter of fact, productivity is a sum total of many minor as well as major factors that affects the daily life of a person. From simple things as a hello to a more complex thing such as contentment, from a mere good meal to such a complex thing as a health sexual life or a minor thing as a laugh to a more complex thing as a happy family life; productivity encompasses the totality of life.

Whatever makes your life productive, cherish it and build upon it. And whatever thing that affects your productivity, do as much as possible to avoid it or better still uproot it from your life. Bottom line, productivity may as well be looked upon as a sum total of our long term as well as daily choices.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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