The Balso Brand and its Centenary Vision.

Last week’s blog post was about the Masoko presentation at the iHub. I didn’t hint that quite some more things happened on that specific day. I will speak about one of the happenings in today’s post which majorly centers itself on the Balso brand.

Let me first bring it to your attention that iHub is no longer along Ngong’ road at Bishop Magua Plaza. It moved to Senteu Plaza on the sixth floor located along Lenana road which happens to be in close proximity to the prestigious Yaya Centre.

I did receive a few inquiries on how Masoko works and what it takes to be on the platform. I would love to inform you that you can get in touch with Masoko on and they will be more than glad to furnish you with all the information.

After Charles finished the presentation, a product was introduced which hopefully will be featured on Masoko platform. The Balso brand line of products that spans Balso African Black Soap, Balso glycerine, Balso petroleum jelly, Balso Toilet Soap as well as bar soap.

A short presentation given about the Balso proved very enticing. The products themselves looked very lovely and nicely packaged. They only added glamour to the preciousness of the products contained in the packages themselves.

The Balso African Liquid Soap used for shower is purely great. Having used it, I can clearly confirm it gives a great lather from just a drop for a whole body shower. Who doesn’t need a great moment of showering experience? Who doesn’t need a great feeling?

The Balso African Liquid Back Soap is purely natural and enriched with moisturizing properties drawn from the Shea and Cocoa butter ingredients in the soap. This therefore becomes a product of choice for those people with sensitive skin towards any slightest chemical.

The soap made from natural potash derived from plantain derivatives and then added to palm kernel oil together with coconut oil, Shea butter and Cocoa butter brings forth a precious gem kind of product that will become a symbol of sensational life feelings.

Part of the Balso brand line of products. Photo courtesy of the Balso team.

The Balso petroleum jelly that is also enriched with great Cocoa and Shea butter ingredients also adds lots of value to a product that has been for ages enjoyed as a symbol of beauty for everyday use.

The jelly is now being re-engineered and reinvented to cater for our varied needs and for everyday use. I remember an instance where my male friends used to tell me that the pride of a real man lies in their ability not to use such a product as petroleum jelly. It won’t be so any longer.

What of the Balso glycerine? The solution for everyday use. The favorite product to keep our hair smooth and enriched. The added essential oils make it a product that is key for bald skin protection and also helps keep dandruffs at bay.

If you are continually affected by dandruffs, characterized by peeling off of the bald skin, and also have bad hair, look no further from the Balso glycerine.

The Balso brand that was introduced at the Masoko presentation elicited a great need to encourage local production by buying Kenya and building Kenya. I personally look forward to the growth of the Balso brand to compete globally so that it gives us yet another moment to put Kenya on the world map.

As the presentation for the brand went underway, I envisioned a whole centenary vision for it. I couldn’t just tell how, but I saw it as the kind of brand to leave its users with feelings that last a lifetime.

Having written about feelings on this platform, you can actually remember vividly that people remember most how you make them feel. So in Balso awakening the best sensational feelings in its users, they will love it to the very last day. It will awaken feelings that last a lifetime. I can’t love to loose such a great feeling now that I got it.

To get yourself any of the products in today’s post, you can get in touch with the vendors through the following open lines; +254 723 405 322 and +254 771 114 497 and I am pretty sure you will get any necessary help.

Let us build local brands and build Kenya.

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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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