2019; The Year that Entertained Us.

2019 was unique, what do you think of 2020? Photo Courtesy of Kenya diaspora movement.

In goes without dispute that 2019 was so far the most promiscuous over the recent past in every aspect. This year saw some of the biggest corruption scandals, the best of political skirmishes and dramas. It was tough for us on the economic spheres with everyone fearing to wake up to an auctioned country.

A lot of contention rolled the airwaves right from the beginning with the famous handshake that gave birth to the BBI that everyone seems to have their own thoughts skewed towards or against on the basis of the handshake dynamics.

It is within the same year that we lost some of the country’s best leaders to the voracious enemy called cancer. We became very vulnerable in the year 2019 in so many ways and being unprepared to deal with cancer locally became the most tragic of them because it is what brought the birthing of the deaths of some of our best leaders for the decade.

It is still in 2019 that a lot of the so called big fish were netted with high level corruption allegations. If you were a big government official and you got mentioned in a corruption case, then Friday would be your day off simply because some detectives could be on your trail to ensure that the weekend is spent trying to cut down your weight gained though eating the flock in your care.

It is the year where people slept in their offices or simply decided to hear and see no evil in regards to dubious deals under their noses which sold us unwillingly to some slave masters. As the masters were working us out all day, the slave’s flock was being milked by the same masters and after a hard day, we came home to milked animals with no trace of the milk.

We sold our innocence to the masters and they ate our children and all that belonged to us. We were left bare and for death. The dams meant to help us ended up irrigating in our masters pockets with some of them irrigating their families too to a toast for a very productive year.

Enough of the slave owners and masters. I better talk of my colleagues; my kinsmen in the name of fellow slaves whom I know and lean my shoulders on when things thicken. At least we know when we got stripped the toughest as a team.

It was the same year we woke up to a no access to the CBD for public service vehicles notice and we walked to appoint we almost spit our hearts out. Some of us walked for very long distances equivalent to the 42km marathon. And we did it in record times only that we were never timed and didn’t have pacesetters to keep us on track.

Speaking of marathons and 2019 saw Eliud Kipchoge run the marathon in under two hours. And the #NoHumanIsLimited slogan rang the airwaves. It was out rightly flawed because we are all limited though the Kipchoge challenge confirmed that our limitations can never hinder us from achieving our wildest goals. This was the most inspirational part of 2019 together with the prime minister of Ethiopia winning the Nobel peace prize.

Then as the year ended, we got a dose of our stupidity. A reminder that we are limited folks in the judgmental arena for choosing misleaders to lead us to the Promised Land. We made noise and in some other ways confirmed that indeed we are #WajingaSisi not collectively though, but individually.

And this became the greatest lesson to those who dared learn. In fact, the idea that we are stupid and ignorant and we acknowledge that indeed we know that that is our state puts us at a very dangerous position. We will continue to be exploited until we learn.

The only problem is that we will end up learning the hard way. Unfortunately still, we have learned the hard way for too long now and we never even seemed to learn at all. We can only sit and wait to be destroyed into obscurity simply because the stupid cream supersedes the smart guys. We should start ensuring that the smart guys supersede the crooks if we are to have a sensible country.

Despite all that, we didn’t accept to be sad and let it be our state. We found happiness within those moments to ensure it sparked hope for a better tomorrow. I know of so many friends who married this year, others gave birth in their numbers so that at least the credibility of the next census can be enhanced and challenged.

Power outages didn’t make the headlines this year even in the rain periods and we had a reason to watch comic as well as drama stuff on TV to drain our misery. It also gave us opportunity to watch oil prices fluctuate to our disadvantage yet we drill oil in this country even it is in small amounts. At least we drill oil. We hummed and laughed at the humors of our politicians and slept into our regrets.

Nevertheless the year has come to an end. We look forward to a 2020 where ‘hopefully’ things will get better. We hope to be praised at the tail end of the new year of the wise us. I hope this time we will see and hear evil and do our best to point as well as uproot it out. We will raise our voices against it by all means this New Year.

Happy New Year to you and your families. I wish you a prosperous one. One more thing, kindly be wise, smart and swift in the New Year.


Copyright @ 2019.

Happy new year 2020

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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