A Day at the Nairobi Safari Walk & Animal Orphanage

A Day at the Nairobi Safari Walk & Animal Orphanage

There is that stupefying feeling that comes to us if you are like me when you tune into National Geographic and watch a documentary shot at the Maasai Mara and marvel at the wildlife. You could be doing all these without having seen the animals in real life.

Some people even grow up all their life in Kenya till they die without ever setting their eyes on what a real lion looks like. It is not wrong, maybe their circumstances don’t allow it, but the paradox remains that they have seen those animals in movies and documentaries shot in their backyards.

To ensure we have the opportunity to know our wildlife, the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) have set aside the Nairobi animal orphanage so that the public can get to know about their wildlife and even understand the need to conserve them.

For instance, a walk into the orphanage makes one understand the devastating effect of poaching on the Rhino population in the country and hence the need to conserve the species. It also gives the public a chance to appreciate the efforts being put in place by the KWS to ensure the boosting of the wildlife population, especially the ones facing extinction.

One interesting thing about the Nairobi Safari Walk and animal orphanage is that you get the opportunity to see the big five nearby except for the Elephant. Once one sees the animals in that setting, some natural curiosity crops up that call for a physical tour of the animals in their natural setting where they also live as teams.

A walk in the orphanage begins with one enjoying the sight of the hippo, followed by the ‘wild cow’ better known as the buffalo. Then one proceeds to see the Bush Duiker, colobus monkey, the ostrich, the Rhino, gazelle, zebra, and wild beast.

You then proceed to the beautiful sight of the lion; the king of the jungle, the leopard, and the giraffe. If you are lucky, you can come across other lovely species of birds and bush animals as well as the tortoise. Your end of the tour brings with it the good tiding of enjoying the sighting of the crocodile.

A mature giraffe

The order of seeing these animals is not strictly in the order I have listed it. You can get into the orphanage and decide to do the sighting randomly or in an orderly manner depending on your desire and preference.

Besides the enjoyment of the wildlife, the walk is an excellent way of excising and burning some extra calories. For families, a day at the orphanage means moments of bonding and getting to spend time together as a team.

For the children, it gives them chance to interact with their environment and see in practical terms all the things that they are usually taught in theory in their schools. For those in love, the walk is a unique moment for them to have a ‘them’ moment.

Along the entire walk, there are various spots for people to sit and breathe some fresh aura of air. My day at the Nairobi Safari Walk would be summarized in one sentence; so much so in one place, so much so in not getting enough of it.

If you have not had a chance to visit the orphanage, you should plan. A visit on weekends during morning hours is ideal as not many people are usually there as in the afternoons. During the weekdays is even better for those who can manage.

Entrance fees have been revised upwards and you will need Kenya shillings 268 if you are a Kenyan to enjoy a tour of the place. Payment is strictly cashless via Mpesa and you will need to carry along your identification document to prove citizenship. It is ideal for a single, couple, family, or group visit.

Once you get done with the Nairobi Safari Walk, there is the Nairobi National park and the Maasai Mara National Park among many other parks and game reserves in the country.

Tembea Kenya, Fahamu Kenya.

NB: I will only share photos from my day at the animal orphanage in the next post.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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