Sometimes silence is all we need.

Silence, the art of abstaining from speaking, can sometimes be the best weapon. Learning to keep silent especially in a world that never tires of speaking can make one stand apart. This is a killer weapon. Nobody can be sure of the magnitude of a silent thing.

There have been claims about introverts being the most powerful individuals on the planet. I cannot justify that but I believe keeping silent is crucial towards making one understand themselves better. It is a reflective moment for people to harness the power of self. And to understand self means being able to understand other phenomena.

Silence can keep one out of trouble. If you speak a lot, you are bound to speak irrelevant things or end up leaking sensitive information. It you have a problem with speaking too much, first understand you are not alone. There are far many people out there- from your world- who are faced with that challenge.

Here lies the antidote, “If you have a gift with words, learn to keep your mouth shut; when you speak, punctuate with pause; and when you have nothing to say, say nothing.” Understand that speaking a lot is not a catastrophe unless you choose to turn it so.

When you are giving a speech, sometimes you are advised to start off with a short silence. The reason for this is to get the attention of the audience. To cultivate the yearning and anticipation in the audience as they wait for the bombshell to drop. So those people who struggle to get the attention of the audience with words mostly do so in vain. Those are wasted word spoken.

As many writers can agree with me, you are more likely to write creatively in a silent and ample environment as opposed to when you are engaged in other things or in the midst of noise. To most of these people, the silent moment is the moment of tranquility. At that moment, maximum harnessing of creativity can be done.

Silence is power. Harness the power of it and use it well.

What of communicating or rather commanding presence? Let me give an example we can all be very familiar with. You remember school moments when the senior teacher or deputy or the most feared teacher walked into the dining room or assembly. Did he have to speak? Not at all. Standing there silent, was enough to curtail the cheeky friends who could not keep their mounts shut.

Silence hence can be used at times to say to others that you are somebody and not nobody. People respect the guys who are every silent at the most and if they speak in a forum, their words are bound to be taken very serious. If you are having a discussion, you will notice that after you have rushed to talk without an amicable solution or agreement, the guy who has been silent all along is given all the audience to give their thought which occasionally count as final. Sometimes they don’t possess any genius in them, they use the power of silence. They summarize all your thoughts and reconcile them to a meaningful conclusion.

Ever heard of the “pull-back” tip in relationships? It is a simple trick that gets to make every one of us think more about each other. It is a moment of silence in a relationship that brings the challenge, the spark and thrill back just like the “old days.” Okay, I just hinted you of it and if you can be interested, get to read more about the “pull-back” tip.

Silence means respect. Connect the one minute or moment of silence to celebrate lost -to mean dead-patriots. We stand for that silence to celebrate excellence. Ask yourself why it is not a moment of noise or shout. True silence means respect. True respect of God too means order and silence in church. Where there is noise and unorderly shouts; there cannot be the spirit of God.  That is the power of silence in spiritual matters. Monks understand this.

Some could be wondering if I am encouraging people to keep silent and not talk. I don’t mean that. All I mean is that we ought to talk and speak only when it is necessary. Also speak only what is relevant. I realized I am not even close to mastering this art myself. Sometimes to stand out you only need to keep quiet. Simply put, if everyone is busy talking and you are there silent, you of course stand out literally but even literally.

I conclude with the quote I read at one time which said, “A fool can be taken wise if he remains silent unless he speaks and removes all doubt.” Learn to keep silent. A moment of tranquility holds immense power. You will learn to understand yourself.

Copyright @2017.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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