Technical University of Kenya has done it. Holding peaceful, fair, open and successful elections is a big achievement. I take this chance to congratulate the administration and facilitators of the whole exercise. I also wish to congratulate the winners to the 2015/2016 SATUK (Students Association Technical University of Kenya) council. It has been a long walk, one with turmoil and challenges that require patience and persistence to overcome. I walked into the university a few minutes to six in the morning and the calmness that covers the area is worth of mention. You can hardly tell that elections were done in this place. This far, I crown the comrades of this institution.IMG_20151009_082746


Amid upheavals and challenges during the whole process, the outcome matters a lot because people can choose the otherwise of peace. The students of TuK chose the latter, a matter that shows the power that lies in these giants. Often people take time to recover after chaos during elections, but now that all was done well courtesy of the cooperation of students, studies are resuming into normality barely 24 hours after the exercise. The new leaders are now tasked to take this university into new heights. The winning team holds lots of promise to the leadership of this institution and we might be moving into one of the best academic years of this university and perhaps one which will showcase the universities’ superb and sound powers in terms of academic, social and research prowess.

Beauty is not what we often see; it is an abstract sensation that results out of the characters and behaviors of the beholder. I will certainly say with stress that TuK is the beautiful university of the year champion. It has greatly surpassed all the challenges to become a role model to other universities and providing a roadmap towards national politics. I sit down to take a glass of milk at the students centre to try and come to terms that my love for this University is not ending any soon. I will always fall in love with it again and again having met and perhaps superseded my threshold limits of the outcome of the 2015/2016 elections to make it clean.


A story is told of a man who lived his whole life wishing to shake the hand of his king who hardly came to his locality. With a lot of faith, he lived each day knowing that one day he will shake the kings’ hand and look at him eye to eye. Unfortunately, he got struck with an illness and died before meeting the king. Luckily enough, during his burial day, the king was visiting that locality and got the chance to console the family. In viewing the deceased’s body, the king bowed to him and remarked, “all through life, you wished to meet me. But today, I bow with respect for you were a truly devoted servant of our kingdom.” I love the story because at the end of the day, the king bowed to the man instead of only shaking the hand. The man got more on his burial day than could have found while alive. However, TuK has lived to shake the kings’ hand, at the same time getting a bow from him. What else to show the promise this University holds to the future of this our country Kenya?

Technical University of Kenya is the first technical university in Kenya and in less than a decade its going places with superior academics background, properly sewed electoral system and liberated promising students; in fact comrades to be precise. The electoral journey started, speculations of not sailing through it successfully were high but finally I can pin this article authoritatively by saying that Technical University of Kenya is simply the best of them all.


#SATUK TEAM 2015/2016

Brian Amburi- Chairperson

Charlynne Jepkosgei- Vice Chair

Oroko Oyieyo-Secretary General

Doreen Wangui-Finance Secretary

Belinda Cheram-Gender Affairs Secretary

Kamau Mureithi-Academic Secretary

Akoko James-Social Affairs Secretary

Kamwana Mutinda-Constitutional Affairs Secretary

Mukami Esther-Special Needs Secretary

Mark Too-Sports Secretary wishes you the very best in your new elective positions.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Politics, Policy, Technology, Current Affairs, Opinion, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, International Emerging Issues, Society, and culture. For featuring, promotions or support write to us at
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