The Africa We Want is one on the Rise.

The Africa We Want is one on the Rise.

Last week on Tuesday morning, I had a short chat with Stephen Meki, one of my friends from the Republic of Zimbabwe, about the situation in their country. I was very pleased to hear that the country was on a heated election campaign period and that it was peaceful. The only differences was in relation to the constitutional ideologies of the contestants. In any way, that is how politics ought to be. Fairness should only be based on the policy of the contender and as a matter of fact, the approach to this can never be shared by all the contestants. These differences are as such common and allowed in any democracy.

I was also happy to learn that my friend Stephen Meki is also a contestant in the same election. Stephen has been on the fore front of championing for active youth participation in the development agenda of their countries across the continent. Right from the onset when I knew him through the African Youth Action for SDG’s platform where he and other like-minded individuals have been working hard to see it succeed at national level across the continent, I could see the positive energy being dissipated. I really hope he can get that chance to be of service to his people.

The beauty about the whole of this thing is that the African youth are really rising and getting actively involved in their nations. I will always advocate for active youth participation in relation to issues to do with national development of any country. The sooner we as the youth understand that our tomorrow is today, the sooner we participate in matters to do with the African development. We can’t afford to sit and keep mute as our potential gets mutilated by the so called “elite politicians.” We will rise with the rising Africa, and that is what a lot of youth are doing across the continent and the globe at large.

However, there needs to be some seriousness across all the parties that constitute a democracy. Sustainability is far much said than practiced because any partnership entered into is done at the expense of one or more of the other parties. In Kenya for example, parties merge to form alliances that help individuals benefit according to their needs before they are disbanded as has been the case for some time now.

I am made to understand that by last month, there were 23 presidential candidates in Zimbabwe and a total of 123 registered political parties. In my opinion, such a huge number of parties seems to denote a looming aura of distrust and suspicion. Maybe I am wrong but I suspect the motivation and intention behind some of these political parties crafted in kitchens is the wrong one.

In any way, we are a democratic continent and hence must exercise our rights in accordance to stipulations in our constitutions. But we should agree to some basic principles that for us to grow as a continent, we should learn to be united and fight corruption which is our greatest enemy. On the other hand we need to start addressing things to do with impartiality which often arises from tribalism and nepotism. The recent mega corruption scams unfolding in our country Kenya for instance are as a result of poor appointments that see a lot of incompetent individuals take offices and end up abusing them. There are youths, women and men who have the ability to assume such offices but because of discrimination, they get sidelined. The time to speak and rise against such is now.

The Africa we want is one on the rise. Photo Courtesy of

What about these people who stick to power in Africa? Some of us keep asking these questions day and night but get ourselves cornered by the majority citizenry who believe in their inability. There is nothing like a single endowment of an individual to be the only leader for life in a population of millions of people. Only in Africa where constitutions are monuments and less exercised on the political and elite class. For Africa to rise, this must stop. Jails have been for petty thieves who steal chicken and get life imprisonment while million and billion dollar thieves hoover aimlessly with freedom like dark spirits. A growing Africa should understand the need to advocate for equality when it comes to exercising the constitution of the land.

Fear should not maim us. This thing a friend hinted to me that there could be some “glue” that makes some of the African leaders stick to power should find a subsequent “proper solvent” to help unstick them. Zimbabwe understands it well with Uncle Mugabe, and they are saying not again. In Uganda, Uncle Museveni is at a youthful age of his leadership with his colleague Uncle Paul and Uncle obiang together with other many leaders across the continent. I can’t exactly say that they have sticked because the ones who can tell that so well are the residents of those countries. So until they say so, we hear it and see it then they are legitimate leaders whose future is brighter today than it were ten or fifteen years ago.

If Africa is to rise, the people must get civic education and understand that they are the ultimate lawmakers of their countries. There is nothing like the mentality we have connoting we are spectators and there is nothing we can do about our so called miseries. Let people go to schools and get an education, an education full of knowledge, an education that empowers them, an education that meets the objectives of what education ought to be. I hope we can get this right because sometimes the education we give our people becomes the source of our miseries.

When I heard that this will be the first election Zimbabweans look forward to holding without violence, I smiled deep and saw a glimmer of light. When it comes and happens exactly as such, then be sure that the Zimbabwe we knew will be becoming a pacesetter in leading Africa the right direction. I have noticed that we are very proud of democracy and will talk of it as much as we can but which we trample on at election time. When we get this right, I can say without fear of contradiction that Africa will never be the same.

For Africa to rise, her people should enjoy corruption free governance as well as a justice driven judicial systems that are not undermined by any dark forces behind the walls of justice. This Africa should give her people proper healthcare full of health service and quality care, not one void of any of those. Her people should enjoy clean water and environments as well as proper jobs that are value driven. Brain drain is not our thing. And finally for now, Africa should do so much to ensure inclusivity in it governance. Let the youth be at the center of the African development, let the women be given an opportunity to exercise their talents and education too.

The Africa we want is the one that is rising. At the center of it all, we are the builders and should play our part so well and witness things change. If we exercise our mandate well, things will never remain the same for my lovely continent.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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