The Little Red Fruit (Cherry Tomato); Looking at Life Anew.

The little steps make all the difference. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

I once watched a great documentary about farming in the Negev. It was like pure magic. A desert being the bread basket in a largely desert country sounds paradoxical. How does that happen? And then a few weeks ago I had an insightful engagement on what farming does look like in the deserts of Israel.

Remember we are talking about agriculture in its diversity. Talk of fish farming, plankton, berries, tomatoes, oil producing plants and many more. At the backbone of all that is a strong research and development dating back to the vision of the founding father of Israel, Ben Gurion.

After a detailed research and study, I have concluded that one of the best things about desert farming in Israel is the little red fruit called the cherry tomato. The description little is about the size of the tomato and red has more to do with the deep red pigment it does contain when ripe.

That is not enough though, the tomato is very sweet. Its these good characteristics pushed me to go to the market in search for them. As you would guess, the sellers I met couldn’t tell what I was looking for. To them and everybody else, tomatoes are simply tomatoes.

I pushed myself further. I was not going to let disappointments deter me in my quest to quench a desire in me of getting a taste of the little fruit. And after a few consultations, I finally found them. The Kenyan version to be specific and I am not thinking of buying a different type of tomatoes for some time in the future.

When I sat down to look at what it took me to find the tomatoes, I discovered I had gone through some key steps that dictate how we need to approach life in its entirety. As a pessimist, I have the choice of looking at the size of the tomato and condemning myself about my priorities.

Nevertheless, when I take the optimist view, I tell myself that every day brings us a learning experience. The importance we should accord all kinds of people whether we have known them for 10 years or even for 2 weeks only should be equivalent.

No wonder one person said that the little things we do end up occupying the largest part of peoples lives unknown to us. Just like unbeknown to me., it now I realized that the cherry tomato is the best one suited for gardens and container farms. Which means you can farm them at the balcony of your rented house or outside your door.

Such is life. When we forget to deeply consider the little things, we end up missing some amazing moments and times maybe with our families or we end up killing the talents and passions inside of us which sometimes hold the key that opens up our success doors.

As I went searching for the tomatoes, I almost gave up when I found out that about the first 3 sellers I approached, didn’t know what the cherry tomato is. Sometimes most of us give up on the first trial and if we go too far, then it never goes beyond the second or third trial.

I remember a certain angel investor say that if he had a choice to make about whom to invest in between two guys, one who is brilliant but hasn’t tried anything and another who is just good but has tried out something and failed, obviously he would go for the second one.

From then on, I learnt that there is power in trying. I discovered later also that there is even more power in trying again and again. In other words, as Ruth Babe said, “you just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.” You only need to try one more time. If you don’t get it here, go trying there. And like one of my good friends keeps reminding me, there is always a better deal somewhere.

It should sink in our minds that disappointments are always there. We will have to face them somewhat somehow as long as we are living in this world. But one thing is certain, just as they come, they go. It is akin to the assurance we get that however long the night is, surely the day comes.

Greater still is the fact that a little red cherry tomato can be something to teach us valuable lessons about life. And not just life, but critical life lesson chief of them being that it is very possible. It is very possible to thrive where no one could imagine.

Think of eating tomatoes grown in the desert with salad all drawn from ingredients grown in the desert. Besides lies a plate of fresh fish which is farmed in the desert too. At the center of the table is a clear water jar with beautiful ornamental fish which too, is farmed in the desert and many more other goodies.

This tells us that it is we who decides what is possible and what is impossible. The world itself has already screamed at us that all is possible. And if we didn’t ‘read’ that as it is scribbled, the bible gives us the assurance that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I choose to go buying the little red fruit every time need demands for it, and as I will go searching for them again and again, I will remind myself that whether things worked for me or against me, I will not lament but pick the results or the lessons and walk away happily.

When I will sit at the table to eat the meal cooked with the little cherry tomatoes, I will let all my worries go away into the blues now that I will be asking myself, “if this little fruit that has sweetened this meal can overcome all the odds to become a sweet fruit even if it is in the worst environmental situations like a desert, what more is expected of me?”

And just like that, I will sleep for the night and wake up the next day to go and try one more time. I will sleep promising myself that giving up is not going to be an option and that patience and perseverance will need to be part of my DNA.

It is my wish for you too my reader. Rise up!



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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