The Two Worlds and All about Life.

In life we are always somewhere. At any point in life we find ourselves at some side opposing or the opposite of another and we start to ask ourselves about the fairness of the universe. By the way is the universe just or it is people who blame it for all their misfortunes? I have heard a lot of people asking, “Is life fair if such a thing happened?” I have not known to this day if life is liable to our happenings which most of the time is as a result of our choices. It narrows down to the two worlds we find ourselves at any one point in time.

I was taking an evening walk some time back when I noticed some young children playing happily near a very rich neighborhood unperturbed by the big difference created by the boundaries. Their game is all that mattered to them and the thought of crossing the bridge to opulence had not caught up with them. It is their world.

So while strolling slowly away from this young children playing happily perhaps unaware of the hard reality that life has decided to stratify them, I realized there is a lot of important lessons I could learn from this simple act of life. First I will try and show some of the different worlds and then we can see what lessons we can pick up from them.

World of the haves and have not.

This is the world I saw in the scene I described above. There is the world of haves that drive the best cars that can be described as sleek, live in the leafy suburbs with big houses and small families and have made it either fairly or unfairly in the school of life. Then there is the world of the have not who struggle to even have a single meal. They live in shanties and are always praying that it rains not because that spells disaster. I mean this are people who can barely make it to have two meals a day.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t mean that they are not working hard or maybe that they are not learned. Some of them are smart fellows only that things seem not to be working at all for them. These are the guys who, we sometimes meddle in their affairs, that maybe they are cursed. It is often hard to describe how things get to happen in such a way. There is a catch however that states; there is no situation which is permanent in this world. There is the world of the lucky and the not lucky.

 So after keenly figuring out I noticed that those children were unconcerned about their rich neighbors and all they focused was their happiness. If it meant eating a single meal a day and being grateful about it, they were willing to go an extra mile and do so. They played happily which described the fact that they were CONTENTED. Contentment I realized, is a key element in our lives no matter which world we find ourselves in.

They say that you get to know the character of man when you give them money and power. Those who lived contented lives all along become the game changers and iconic figures that we live to remember. The other lot that was never contented is always in a race to try and prove something and in the process they end up losing precious time in which they could have been of value to humanity.

In everything be grateful, be kind, be generous no matter the little you have, show love to those in need and with time it may be possible to cross to the world of the ‘haves’ if we are in the ‘have not’ confinement. It is said that people never remember the things we said to them or the things we gave them (for those trying to prove something) but instead they remember how we made them feel once in a while. As a matter of fact, we can never care for others if we are not contented ourselves.

The world of Rich Vs the world of the poor. Photo courtesy of Cartoon Movement.

The world of Africa and the rest of the world.

There is this day I met a friend of mine who resides in the USA and we had a short chat. I noted that the world over the other side changes people and puts them in a different “level” than that of others like us. Where I come from, it doesn’t matter what you went to do in the west as long as you are there, then you are on a very different world.

When we remain in the continent of Africa and our peers are traveling to the west, some of our parents may end up wondering what kind of sons they sired. Their age mates sometimes pride in the suit their sons sent them from the foreign land and all we can is feed on our old wazee’s food. This is another definitive stratification measure that has kept me thinking for some time now. I learnt a thing from it too.

It doesn’t matter if everyone has gone to the west, all of us can’t go there. There must be a part of us to remain at home and develop the place. I read in the bible that to some were called to be teachers, to others singers, to others shepherds and in a nutshell it means that we are set for our own destinies.

Whether we are in the world of haves or have not, in Africa or the west, learned or not, loved or never been loved, it is a world we found ourselves in. What we do with our situations is the ultimate thing. We may be lamenting that we have not found our true path in life yet they have knocked in our doors severally and we didn’t see. Not that we are blind but because we are used to our own situations until they became comfort zones.

Be content with what you have and where you are at any point in life while continually doing your best to better it. That is the change we want. We have to start somewhere. And within that checked contentment is the secret of happiness. Never think at any point in life that the haves are happier than the have not. The story of John D. Rockerfeller and his brother William Rockerfeller about their children can help you get the broader picture. How their world, the children, were very different even though they were fairly from rich backgrounds. Read about it if you can find it.

It is life that we will be stratified at any point in life, but how we react to it and how we take it is far important than what we do about it. It’s a world of two worlds. And that is life.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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