Who is the Virtuous Woman that Disarms even the Toughest Man?

Who is the Virtuous Woman that Disarms even the Toughest Man?

I watched the movie “The Dictator” in which the dictator of Wadiya -Aladeen-, at the very climax, decides to grant the people of Wadiya freedom of rights simply because he got confused after getting a glimpse of a beautiful lady -Anna Faris- who could be described as his ‘grand Juliet.’

Whatever makes the hard heartened dictator soften his stunt at the point he beholds the lady is what scientists around and at large are trying to find an explanation for. Even criminals and other world-renowned dictators have mesmerized researchers at their softness especially when with their families (their women and children).

From my reasoning, I have concluded that there is always something in women that unlocks some nuts in us men which we cannot explain. Disclaimer though, not any woman can do the unlocking. It takes a woman of value and virtue to do this.

From now on, I will use a story to tell you the type of woman who can soften even the hardest men. And for the sake of this piece of writing, I will give my character the name Dorothy. The woman who fears the Lord.

Dorothy is the woman who stands from the crowd. She does nothing big to crave that attention but how she carries herself is enough. Sometimes you can fear her at first glance because she comes out as intimidating, yet when you get to know her, she comes out as the best friend you can ever have.

When I first met Dorothy, like the Dictator of Wadia, I noticed she was humble. To her, minding her own business was and is the most important thing. She threads carefully on her path doing what she does to the best of her knowledge. Humility is one character that disarms even the most hostile person.

Point of caution though, don’t ever take her humility for granted so that you walk on her feet. She can be very tough when she feels threatened. The difference is the response to the threat. Whereas the rest of her species will go ranting all forms of incarnations to call on their ancestors to send thunderstorms to strike you dead, she chooses to watch you.

The silence wears you down and you find yourself apologizing without compulsion. In other words, she is the woman who understands herself very well. Who can not be comfortable around such a woman? You can agree with me that this one can make it to the top of your list.

Dorothy is a fearless woman. She is the woman who goes for what she wants. She knows how to juggle the trade routes to have what she wants. To her, losing is as good as gaining in equal measure. Knowing when to let go and when to hold on is so well versed to her.

She is the woman who can sit down with you and hold a meaningful discussion with you in the areas of politics, business, lifestyle, religion, and even philosophy. In other words, she is the woman you can count on to give you a helping hand.

You only need to understand her quite well. It doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of that fact but she is generally good and kind. She is indeed vulnerable as is with all other women. She is wise to know when to trust and when not to. She can often see through someone’s eye so to say.

Dorothy is very responsible. She has had her better share of trials in the past. She has had to juggle the issues we all struggle with in our everyday life. Do you imagine she has not had heartbreaks? Do you think she hasn’t had times when she felt like giving up? She has undergone all that.

She undergoes through what we all undergo. Sometimes she gets confused on what best decision to take. She gets to the crossroads as well. But she has slowly learned where to lean on; God. The beauty of the knowledge gained from triumphing in such scenarios is that she has grown wise to a level she understands what to do when faced with uncertainties.

This woman, Dorothy, is the very epitome of a person who can give you a life of grace. From cooking to industry, to wisdom, to planning, to kindness, to a shoulder to lean on, she is MAMA. The mother of society. When Julius Malema charmed the crowds of mourners during Winnie Mandela’s burial, calling her MAMA South Africa, he had every reason to. I too have every reason to call her MAMA society – society here to mean all who matter and bring meaning to her as well as those who need our help.

She is not perfect, yes. Sometimes she can be angry, other times she can bottle so much inside her, other times she can struggle with herself, she can be grilled by the past, she can be unsure of the future and other things, but she, above all this, qualifies for a gem.

Dorothy is the woman a man needs. To the rest slaying out there, get lessons from the persona of Dorothy. If you can get a thing or two from who she is, then you will be the ‘charm’ that disarmed Aladeen… the dictator of Wadiya.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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