Interesting Stories of Tomorrow.


Post Covid-19, we look forward to all kind of stories. Photo courtesy of Scary For Kids.

Every challenge has an opportunity. And this true to every problems that arise. As a matter of fact, there are those who cry when things get though and there are those who smile all the way to the bank because the situation favors them.

To put this into perspective, I have eavesdropped on a few conversations here and there from people I find talking about the Covid-19 virus and all I hear is that the virus has made some people millionaires while it has left others paupers.

It is hard to exactly put everything into context given the fact that these talks seem to point to the idea that people are happy because of the viral outbreak. It could be true or not. This is because even if it was about making money for someone, they are also at risk.

And there comes the phrase about why gain all the fortune and then die without enjoying it even on a short scale. Life rarely reaches a level where it levels the ground for everybody like it has been done at this moment. The rich die as does the poor given the fact that even the much money someone has can’t afford them any advanced care now as it does on other occasions.

So post the end of this pandemic, what do we look forward to? We definitely look forward to interesting tales on life, death, relationships, careers and all that we can care think about. There is no aspect of life this pandemic hasn’t touched.

I should be categorical in advance that the stories won’t be necessarily negative. There will be stories about lots of positive things. Their variance will be dependent on what each of us took out of it. Some took the lemon and made a lemonade out of it by virtue of circumstances mostly.

Take for instance the issue of curfew. There are many marriages that will result out of it that were not thought of in the first place. A lady will go visiting a male friend and ‘accidentally’ the curfew time come and she can’t make it to her place. So she has to spend the night there and just like that, she starts her new home without much problem. The world standard.

A few years coming, you could be watching a lifestyle program on your television set and a couple get asked how they met. They the lady will be like, ‘I went next door to ask Jemo the number of cases that had been confirmed and he told me to come in and watch the ministerial briefing. Then he went ahead and requested me to do the dishes for him. The rest as they say is history.’

What of some cases of corruption that will be being prosecuted in the near future. Some Mr. So and so will be asked about the source of their wealth and they will proudly say they made billions of money supplying sanitizers and masks in this period of hard times.

Amid those mixed stories, there will be also stories of remorse. Marriages will hit rock bottoms. Relationships will break. On normal occasions, normal working hours for men which run from early morning (four in the morning) to late evening (eleven in the night) mask a lot of things.

In this Covid-19 times, there are no excuses. People will need to be at home. Rights have to be exercised beyond expectation. Tell children stories. Help in the cooking and house chores and engage in serious and meaningful talks that have been postponed for some decades now.

Yet amidst that will be a group of people that will go on enjoying leave of absence, suppose they enjoy that, like policemen, doctors, emergency aid workers cargo drivers as well as food distributors.

It is within this period that some relationships will break because of social distancing in a literal sense. Social distancing is a good preventive measure for disease infections. Yet for other people, they have realized it can be a good preventive measure for toxic relationships as well. The point will be that some people will take the social distancing further into their relationships and will literally ‘stay home.’ They will resort to their default settings.

Burial ceremonies may not remain the same on the other hand. When mastermind tobacco tycoon Wilfred Murungi’s burial was attended by a handful people, it raised alarm. Circumstances have forced us to go that route and it may stay with us for some time or for good on the other hand.

The same applies with worship and wedding ceremonies. Some people will take this change of ceremonial orders a notch high and try to maintain them as okay nevertheless. The African in us will either deny the fact or reason out that after all change is necessary and inevitable. And just like that, we will be on a trail of new developments.

There will be stories of heroic acts of sacrifices made. Victories won when death seemed so sure and of pains sustained because of loss of loved ones. There will be stories of triumph and also of losses incurred in terms of money, time as well as opportunities.

Whatever your story will be, I will want you to look at the opportunity of you living to tell that story as the greatest story of them all. So your life and that of your loved ones ought to be the greatest stories that we will want to hear tomorrow when this pandemic packs up and goes on a long journey with no return beyond the horizons.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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