International Women Day; Celebrating The women In Our Lives.

To all the women in our lives; you are special and we appreciate you. Photo Courtesy of Latestly.

It happened that this year’s international women day fell on a Monday. Monday is often the day I do post an article on this site and doubles up as a day when I write the article for the next week. However, this was written on a Tuesday afternoon.

I had to take a sabbatical leave and observe all about the day and what it means to our women. In fact, it is a day that is highly regarded by our other gender. If you want to confirm my claims, you can tell me if you tried to ‘forget’ about the day.

I rarely hear any big fuss made when it is International Men day, which is the only day I know that celebrates us. Another one I just remembered before stones get hurled at me is the Father’s Day. Well, these are days which go unnoticed most of the time. Maybe it is because they have a name, man, in them.

If I went into counting the days set aside for women, I can count and count and be reminded that still I left some. You can imagine standing before the courts of justice facing accusation because you forgot that it was international girlfriend day.

Talk of Mother’s Day, women day, wife’s day, girl’s day et cetera, and you realize there is every need to celebrate this ‘people’ as my friend calls them. In other words, singularity is not to be found in their vocabulary. They drive the world, or so it is said.

And last week was a test of the same. A test that repeatedly comes every year in and out. I must be honest that it caught me by surprise. Just like men, that was the last thing on my head until I saw poster wishing our lovely women, Happy Women’s Day.

As you may realize, it is important to stand out. But how do you do that? By going out of the ordinary. It may look like madness but I decided to wish all women out there a Happy International Women’s Day today. You can imagine, one whole week after.

Compare this with a kid who gets given a thousand cakes for one day only with that one who get a cake after every two weeks. Who gets to enjoy a cake of the two? Of course, the second one. Still, I know you may want to say we are social beings and that we get to enjoy things in a communal way and thus, when a thousand messages come in a day, you spirits get raised high.

But still, it makes me honorable out of the other millions or rather billions of men out there to take up the initiative and honor all of you independently and out of the normal. And for that matter taking time to sit and draft these words of appreciation that I present to you today.

For every day you wake up in the morning to glow the world with your smiles and joys, we are very grateful. It is true that some of us didn’t know what it meant to wake up in the morning and make breakfast or even get to the kitchen to cook food in the evenings up to until we had been thrown out of our homes to go and battle out our own independence. 

Then the reality hit us that it takes double the effort to prepare good food than it takes to eat the same. And not that only, the service that often accompanies the food is one which should not go unacknowledged. I don’t mean even the mean women whose service should be condemned.

I often look at the mystery of life and realize that even the curse at Eden might have come with a mixed blessing. I only imagine the pain of childbearing, but the joy that fills the hearts of many after it is announced that to us a child is born is immense.

To all the women that go out of their way to work hard to ensure their families are well fed, we celebrate you. As a matter fact, there is an input from the women for every meal that we eat on our tables. If not in the earning, then it is the motivation given to the earner.

Other times it goes a notch higher to incorporate the favorable environment created at home to ensure everybody is at their best which when keenly looked at, becomes a crucial factor of production. Sometimes, it is the advice that gets offered on that dinner table.

To the women who in their silence battle wars unknown to us to keep their families intact when they look like falling is the only sure thing, we appreciate you greatly. Women who through resilience, grit and purpose stick right in there to ensure their families stand. 

Most important, I celebrate those women who tirelessly keep to their knees to pray for us. The best gift you can get as a man is a woman who remembers and prays for you. By their prayers, and according to God’s will, we are protected.

To you I dedicate this writing today.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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