My Word My Bond; the 2018 Slogan.

It is on the eve of the New Year and I wish to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous new year.

I also wish to encourage everyone to make the best of this New Year. The resolutions that were never achieved in this past year have another chance in 2018. If it is aggressiveness that can be used to describe you; let it be so. If it is perseverance and persistence; be the best of that definition. If it is focus, don’t lose it. In that respect, I decided to make today’s topic a word-bond thing. This topic is quite wide. I will dissect it to the scope I feel achieves what I wish for myself and for you this 2018.

The name word means a smallest unit of language with particular meaning and that can be expressed by itself. It may compose one or more phonemes or morphemes. A phoneme is an individual unit of sound in a given language. A morpheme is the smallest linguistic unit within a word that that can carry meaning. For example the word huh consists of two morphemes, hu-h.

The word bond on the other hand connotes a physical connection which binds or an emotional link, connection or union. That that defines us, binds us.

This year 2018, most of us have set out what we will do. The New Year resolutions as has been every other year. Let them be our bonds. For instance someone asks you, “which word will you say the most in 2018?” and you answer, “No.” Let that be your bond. You realize that as a phoneme, it makes sense totally whether it consists of a single morpheme or not. Say that no as many times as possible. It is the distinctive feature of successful people. They say no a lot. Don’t even think about it.


Whatever we have set out to do, I encourage us to write it down on our personal notebooks. List them out from the most urgent and important to the least in urgency and importance. At that point you have made the first move of bonding. Develop an emotional connection, link or union towards them and back out only when you have successfully achieved them. Your word at this point becomes your bond.

Some four years ago, while reading the periodical KASNEB journals, I stumbled upon an article on business ethics. The writer clearly noted that in business, whatever it is our culture, let it be our bond, our habit. If it is keeping time, write it down and start keeping time on small chores and appointments. Soon you develop a strong bond and then it becomes a culture.

In some western countries, the slogan My Word My Bond is very supremo. It is often succeeded by a handshake as a sign for the bond. Those of you who have watched CNBC’s Shark Tank or The Profit by Marcus Lemonis have on most occasions seen the entrepreneurs shake hands after a successful negotiation on a deal. To them, that word agreement is their bond. You betray that word agreement, you betray the handshake and everything else from trust, respect and loyalty to many more others.

It is a culture we can begin to embrace in our small conversation to cultivate the word-bonding thing. If for instance I promise something; I ought to, personally as Geoffrey know that that is a bond and all I need to do is live up to it.

We have seen in the recent past such slogans as ‘My Dress My Choice’ to mean what I dress in, respect it. If we could decrypt that slogan and directly swerve the fervor to the ‘My Word My Bond’ slogan, we could have done justice to our mannerisms for the year 2018. We will go along way to achieve a lot of the resolutions we set out to do.

Whatever the word or decision or habit we pledge allegiance to in 2018, that is our bond. All we can do is to ensure total devotion of time towards its achievement. Any cause we care for must be achieved in all totality. No looking back.

Any deals we sign or enter into should be preceded by the slogan ‘My Word Will Be My Bond.’ Any promises we will make in 2018 will be preceded by the ‘My Word My Bond’ slogan. Otherwise no need to promise or even enter into such deals. This is a year to become what we really say we are and not a deception to meet the expectation of the moment.

Let us enter into sustainable relations in that whatever we agree to becomes binding. Let the yes be a true yes and that no be a true no. Let the “I will’ or ‘I will not’ be the sure one.

When we respect the agreements, promises, deals, societal ethics and vows, we grow in our civility and mannerisms. We achieve decolonization of our minds.

My Word is My Bond; the first 2018 resolution takes effect.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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