Nairobi city is at the heart of the republic of Kenya. It is the capital city of the present Kenya and the most powerful city in the east African community. Knowing Nairobi is a huge achievement since this vast city holds promise to the future and even the present in the region. I am old enough in the city to see trough the present and even the coming years. I came to Nairobi barely in my teens and this place has changed me to see a wider perspective of life and see the beauty that lies in the people from other parts of Kenya and the world at large; a light that has transformed me. In 2012, a few years ago, there were a small number of motorbikes in the larger Nairobi area, down the lane, 4 years only and there are more motorbikes in Nairobi as there are cars and I see even more motorbikes in the coming years. By 2030, maybe the motorbikes in the Nairobi area could be half the then population; Awesome.nairobi city

Again back then, there were only a few universities in the city, today they are everywhere. It is a good show for the sustainable development goals manning the global community. The literacy level stood at approximately 45% ten years ago. Today it could be some few percentages above 50 and still going up. The only worrying trend I have observed lately is the small number of men enrolling for further studies in our universities within the city. The good news however is that the number of women enrolling for the extra studies in the recent past have increased drastically and this is evident of the number of women enrolled in the evening classes, a fact which also grades us higher within the region in terms of women empowerment in jobs and academics. We have taught our women and I hope our men will help me raise the numbers by also enrolling to study or even study further and my lovely country Kenya could headed places. I see it coming. The fact that our education levels will increase means a higher citizenry empowerment and a fact that means even our politics will have to change soon.

Our politics have had challenges in terms of corruption, the promise I see in the city dwellers today tells me that they are  destined to work harder with the look, “we are checking you Mr. politician, misappropriation of our hard earned cash will bring you down faster than lightning” and Mr. politician knows that in the next election he/she has no guts to approach my Nairobi people for votes. Once the good politics will be launched in the city, even the people in the villages will follow route and the next time we will have large “Nairobis” all over the country and that is the greatest promise the county holds. Nairobi has favorite places ranging from Westlands, to Ngong’, to Umoja, to Kayole, to Dagoreti , to Makongeni, to Easleigh, to Pangani, to Lavington, to Karen and very many more places. All this places have very good people who are working very hard to see the Nairobi city soar to greater heights.

Most people in the city are going into private business due to the enabling environment being created by the county and the main government, I see consumption of locally produced products  in the city in the short coming years, a fact that will promote the county, country at large and provide more job opportunities within the region hence giving hopes to the youth and the jobless.

We have a promise within the Nairobi people, if we fight the corruption within and clean our house, then next we promote good liberal and sound people as our leaders, then our county stands tall in the region in bringing the light of development and political soundness which other leaders within the continent and beyond can learn from. Love you Nairobi, Kenya and all Kenyans.


Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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