New Month, New objectives, New Possibilities.

New Month, New objectives, New Possibilities.

January is a long month for most of us. We are unprepared for the shock that awaits us after living our very best lives in the December festivities. Some of us behave like the ostrich that buried its head in the sand believing the enemy was not seeing it during the end year celebratory period.

The only consolation we usually have is that periods come and go. So, we enter January knowing crystal clearly that just like other months, it will slip through our fingers unknowingly and soon or later we will find ourselves in February.

That is what happened. We psychologically brace ourselves for January knowing it is the hard month. Once it gets over, we get a big sigh of relief and engage the full gear in course of our yearly resolutions. If you weren’t aware, I can categorically confirm to you that we are in February already.

It thus means that we can begin reviewing our January objectives and know where we fell short so that we can eliminate whatever brought the shortcomings in a bid to ensure that the possibility of us achieving our February objectives is increased.

When we have finished the review of the previous month, whatever wasn’t achieved is pushed to February and tops our list of things to achieve. Then follows other items we intend to achieve for this month albeit in line with our yearly resolutions.

Be aware that the best way to eat a whole elephant is to eat it piece by piece. In other words, breaking the yearly resolutions into monthly resolutions or objectives increases the chances of meeting them as opposed to letting them be yearly resolutions just like that.

For example, you planned that by December you needed to have set up a running business. In January, you ought to have identified the field of business that you would wish to operate in such that in February you do research on that field extensively and identify the exact field to specialize in from the wide scope of disciplines within it.

These small steps are done sequentially such that by December, one would have achieved whatever they set out to achieve without even them knowing. Yet it is the small baby steps that would have done the magic. No wonder we are warned against discouraging those people we see making chameleon steps and at the back of our heads, we assume they will never reach anywhere.

On this first day of February 2022, promise yourself to keep moving even it means crawling as long as you are headed in the direction of your dreams. Plant in you the desire to act. Start or continue to live according to the dictates of just beginning where you are, doing what you can with what you have however inadequate it could be.

Don’t be discouraged about that thing you failed to achieve last month. Instead, celebrate the small wins you made to be the motivation that will catapult you towards achieving any bigger plans that you have set for yourself for this month.

What if you have not set any plans for this month? It is never too late. That is why this piece of writing comes to you on the first day of the month to remind you that there is an opportunity to change the course of your life.

In the Christian realm where we are reminded that there will never be any far enough from whence, we cannot genuinely turn back to God and he fails to accept us back. It is the same case here. Never look at your journey and see yourself as one who strayed of course and has gone too far.

Part of this month’s objective for all of us ought to be the reminder that we have chances to redefine the courses of our lives. The knowledge that we hold the key and are the drivers of our locomotive which is life of which we are alone in it. We can thus be flexible to grab any opportunities that come our way even if it means doing a 1800 or 3600 turn.

It is also important to note that the attitude we employ during this whole month will determine the results that we get to earn at the end of it all. I encourage all of us to cultivate a positive attitude as we trudge on in this journey of life.

The saying that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond points to the importance of the attitude we carry along as we respond to whatever comes our way. A strong positive attitude that seeks to see the good in every happening opens us to see opportunities where others would usually see none.

We are on the first page of the second chapter of 2022. The opportunities are many and the possibilities endless. You and I still have a chance to make the life we envision. Keep going. Keep doing what you do as long it is moving you closer to achieving your goals. All the best in February.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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