Silence; a Moment of Reflection.

Silence; a Moment of Reflection.

Silence is synonymous with content.  At times it is taken to mean antagonism. Yet still it can be a moment of inflection especially when all the world around does is keep moving on at supersonic speeds as it has always done.

Taking a moment to slow down and look around can be a blessing as I realized a while ago. As a fact, nature sometimes takes opportunity to slow us down forcefully. At times also, it is as a result of personal choices and decisions. One which we ought to do every once in a while.

Some time back, for instance, my computer charger blew up. The television set blew up too. The radio wasn’t spared either. To add to an injury, the phone malfunctioned. I don’t know what we can call this, but I am sure none of us desires such a situation. This was more than double tragedy.

But then it becomes an interesting moment to take a break, breathe in and observe the world around us. There reaches a time when things become too predictable and we define everything around us in terms of noise. That was my situation until this moment of slow down came. The silence became a great time of doing a stock take of all things around me.

We must be very conversant with silence in relationships. Albeit the fact that it sometimes leads to permanent breakups, silence becomes a perfect time to re-examine the whole thing and at times a perfect tool to use for communication but in an appropriate manner.

Silence in this case becomes a moment to properly look deep inside, keen within and widely around to ensure we understand if we are making progress or we are simply standing with lots of activity including trampling of feet at the same spot and throwing hands in the air without any directional movement.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a conscious resolve we take or nature takes its course and forces us to slow down for a reflection. It is a must that we need a moment to just stay alone in silence and do a proper thinking as well as imagination.

While we argued with my friends a long time ago that sleeping eight hours, at night of course, is not achievable in this Nairobi, we were wrong. I managed to sleep eight hours a night when I took a slowdown recently. When this moment of silence knocked on my door, I realized that we can do a lot of things within the time we assign activity contingent on the fact that our planning is done properly.

For instance you just walk into the house, remove your shoes, and then take a shower for water loving individuals before you sit down to watch TV. At some point you will take your phone and do some surfing for a few minutes which often translates into hours. If you write, you do a few late night jotting while listening to some late jam and before you know it, it is way past midnight.

You then wake up five hours later and your day starts again of course with you checking your phone first instead of even checking whether you are breathing. And just like that, the noise of the day is soon in tandem with your daily routine.

Forced by life, when you fall a victim of circumstances, you realize that you can cut social media time by a huge junk and use that time to read a book. Again you realize that when you write in silence, you are more focused and end up writing up objectively and greatly. Sometimes it takes fresh and blood to do this by perhaps one or more of your electronic world coming to a standstill.

It is that moment when we realize that there is peace in silence. The moment when you notice that there is inspiration in listening than talking. You listen to Ted talks in place of endless loud movies. The moment you notice too that the sound made by onions on the frying pan is different from that made by tomatoes or even the eggs.

In simple terms, it is the time we realize the diversity of the world around us. We then give attention to our children and all of a sudden we realize their talent to sing. We are also able to notice the young son who can be a great tech star by observing what they are able to do with technology.

It is within this silence period that I discovered that I need to work hard and impact humanity a great deal and in a huge way that I have been dreaming of. And not just that, but also build that sleek mansion I drew in my mind. I knew I needed to do these, but the nitty-gritty were still in the blues. I now have a sounder pictorial plan of all that I need. In a nutshell, I realized that we determine how we look at every situation in life in silence.

It could be we love all the noise the world throws at us or we could have adjusted to it by our default nature, but at least our moments of silence from time to time should make us better and help regenerate a better and wiser us.

Let our moments of silence be moments we take time to re-energize and refuel up. We can only imagine in silence and imagination is even greater than knowledge as Albert Einstein noted.

Take a moment to keep silent and reflect and dream and imagine and we could be a step closer to achieving our dreams and aspirations in this life.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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