Simple Exercises to do at Home to Stay Fit.

Simple Exercises to do at Home to Stay Fit.

Remaining fit is one of the key goals for most people in the year 2022. And the greatest challenge comes when we ask ourselves where to begin from now that the gym is as foreign as it sounds. Worry not because there is a way you can carry out simple exercises at home and you will be fit as you dream.

As with anything that is worth achieving great results for, discipline is very paramount. And discipline is doing that thing which you know ought to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it. So, let it be known to you that being fit is something you will need to sacrifice in order to achieve.

At first, it will seem hard but with continued devotion, it becomes easier and easier. When you will feel like not doing it during the first days, push yourself a little harder, and soon it will be routine. To begin with, here are a few exercises that you can begin with:


This is the best way to start it off. If you are not used to doing this type of exercise, start with a few push-ups. For example, you can begin by doing 5 push-ups followed by a one-minute break before another set of 5 push-ups. Once this becomes easier you can move to two sets of 10 push-ups each and keep increasing as shall see fit for you.

This is a very great type of exercises due to the number of muscles that are involved in the exercise.

Chair Squats

Closely related to push-ups are the chair squats. This where you stand in front of a chair and routinely sit and stand. One can do like 20 to 30 sit ups in two sets. It is a great exercise for exercising the abdominal joints and leg muscles.

Knee push-ups

As the name suggests, instead of supporting you entire body on your toes and hands while doing the push-ups, you rest on your knees and hands.

You can do as many knee push-ups as you can in a set of 10’s, 20’s to as much as you can want with some 1 to 2 minute breaks.

Bicycle crunch 

To do this exercise, lie flat on you back and begin moving your legs as though you are cycling a bicycle and repeat those motions for quite a length time.


This is similar to the chair squats but only this time remove the chair and instead of the buttocks resting on the chair, they should rest at the back lower leg muscles known as the flexor digitorum longus. They are better exercises when done while the hands are holding the back of the head.

You can as do many sets of squats as you can with breaks in between each set.

Jumping robe

For this you need a jumping robe and do as many jumps as you can at intervals depending on how many one can manage. It can be in two sets of 50 or 100 or 200 with some break in between.

It is an effective exercise for engaging the whole body.

Walking and Running

You are wondering now that you don’t live in a good estate where you can run or walk. Or you are telling yourself that there are no treadmills around you for the walk and runs. Forget about that and try running or walking within one location in your balcony or small sitting room.

You will need a lot of discipline with this because you might feel it is a boring thing and end up sitting down for a plate of chips which will add to your misery.

Yet if you can manage to go for an outside run or walk, it is still one of the best exercise for you.

Begin with these ones and be consistent and I a sure you will begin to see a difference. The beauty is that you can do all these at the comfort of your home.

So, it is worth trying and see what results you can achieve for the year 2022. All the best.





Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

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