Take the Chance and Tell Them Jesus is Coming Back.

Jesus is coming again. Photo Courtesy of cbn.com

It was on a hot afternoon I sat perusing through a newspaper. This guy seated across me raises his head up from a YouTube video he has been watching and asks me a peculiar question. Do you think this Corona Virus is a spiritual thing? Is God angry with us?

About a week after which happened to be last week, I am again seated quietly reading a WHO document on health when the guy seated in front of me raises up his head and asks me if I think God is punishing us through the Corona Virus pandemic.

The lady standing behind me who was passing by to say hi to us before she proceeded to her destination a few blocks away remarks that people from her tribe cannot die from the viral attack. I look at her for a minute and I get to understand that she fears death like no other thing in the world.

Something cloaks my mind every time I remember Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford and how he remarked that even those who look forward to going to heaven don’t want to die to get there.

There is a scriptural documentation about the immorality that Sodom and Gomorrah had done that prompted God to destroy those cities. The Bible indicates that He, God, descended down into those cities to confirm of their greatest acts of sin ever recorded in history.

His chosen nation of Israel, after He had destroyed those two cities with sulfur and brimstone, didn’t learn from what history had served them. Mind you, history recorded for them still of a heathen people in Noah’s time who had bemoaned God to regret ever creating Man. It was very unfortunate that man had resorted to trusting the creation more than the creator.

And this chosen nation of Israel years later rebelled against God. They made of themselves other gods and graven images against God’s command. They desecrated themselves and became big headed. They oppressed other people and allowed pride to rule them. All this was against Gods’ will.

Then God gave a big cry to His people through His true prophets that they should confess and repent their sins. Against doing that, curses would come to the people and to the nations. Locusts were prophesied to them as well as strange diseases. Diseases, mysterious as will be their origin. In addition hunger would come visting the people and even they could be taken Captive by the heathen nations.

In other prophecies for the end times was included aspects of economic meltdowns and wars as well as rumors of war. These wars ‘probably’ encompassed economic ones especially those involving world economies coming to loggerheads over key commodity prices or even the scale of superpower metrics.

With this information on a nutshell, I bet it could be why my friends asked me if the Corona virus was one of those curses. Well, it is among the signs of the end times I suppose. But my thought about the situation was the wondering if we ought to fear loudly and look hopeless about this or we should take the opportunity to tell the world that Jesus is coming back.

Why should I ask so? First, when such catastrophes hit the world, people panic a lot and place their hopes on governments and other innate objects as an answer to their misery. To trust a person to save you, who himself fears the predicament itself is quite not understandable.  The Bible asks, what man can run away from death? Death goes through the best protected houses, though armored houses and vehicles and armed officers to take the protected person.

Yet through the prophet Isaiah, God decreed to His people that are called by his name to humble themselves in prayer and seek His face and repent then shall He hear their cry and make their misery go away. In other words such situations remind us to turn to where true help comes from.

Taking it as an opportunity to show ourselves or make ourselves indispensable or even as an opportunity to make a killing without the understanding that there is more to it than what simply appears to be is albeit to finding a carcass and seeing meat without thinking about the cause of death or dangers posed to your health.

As the world stands hopeless before these pandemic, it is the right moment for a cry to go across the plains and mountains, through valleys and hills, through paths and streets and proclaim to the whole world that there is somewhere where there is hope. That is in God.

It should worry the people of God to be hopeless when they themselves are looked upon to offer that hope to them that know Him not. It is a moment to tell the world that Him, Jesus Christ is coming back again as a king having won all, including covid-19 and death itself.

Him only that conquered the greatest enemy that is death is the only one we can look up to help us conquer everything else became He already won for us. That humanity that knows God should be hopeless is dangerous. We should be strong with hope because He has promised to be with us and that His promises are sure more than the surety than tomorrow morning the sun would rise up.

So take this chance to remind the world that Jesus is coming back again in glory. It is not time to wine and dine and enjoy in merry. It is time to work to prepare ourselves and the people about the coming of the messiah that we look forward to.

Tell it to them that belief, to them that don’t, to them that say He doesn’t exist and even to them that mock him daily. Tell it to all of them. Do your part. Let Him do the rest. Tell them He is coming again.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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