The Strategy of Winning Big Using Small Ways.

The Strategy of Winning Big Using Small Ways.
You can really win big using the small ways. Photo Courtesy of Marketing Insider Group.

In a certain village, there lived a little guy. For the sake of our article today, we will call him Kajonny. This was a guy with a small physical stature but mighty in wit. We went to the same school with Kajonny and I remember how he had managed to instill fear in almost the entire school.

To him, it didn’t matter if you were little or big. He desired respect from all and sundry. How he had managed to achieve this was a masterpiece of strategy and planning. Kajonny knew that he had a small physique and that at some point people were going to look down upon him.

So, like a politician, he decided to take advantage of that. He became the trouble maker himself. When you expected the big boys to go start a fight with him because for obvious reasons they would defeat him, it was Kajonny who started the fights most of the time.

It happened that after the big boys hit him, he cried foul and threatened them. At first, most people thought that these threats were but vain ones. But they were very wrong. It was a way for kajonny to make a mark that would demand respect by all means.

The first time this habit started, Kajonny who was in standard 4 started a fight with a standard seven boy who was almost thrice his size. The big boy hit him with a thunder-like fist. The little guy wailed loudly and swore to teach him a lesson.

After a few days, Kajonny kept threatening the big boy that he would teach him a lesson. I would later learn that it was opportunity that he had lacked and one which would come presenting itself a few days later when this boy was walking home alone from school.

Kajonny had decided to prepare a machete so that he can scare the boy to his nerves. It happened on this fateful day that as the standard seven boy was walking home, Kajonny hid in a nearby thicket and waited until he was a stone throw away.

Then he dashed out and went straight for him. On seeing the sharp machete, the big boy forgot that he was big and ran for his life. Come the following day, he went and reported him to the teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher could not substantiate the claims being made by the big boy and so he let the little boy go Scott free after a warning.

Two weeks later it happened that the standard seven boy was walking home having forgotten about the whole ordeal when this time rounds, a small stone raced past his right ear from nowhere. He looked back and around and saw nobody before he dazed off lest a second stone hit him.

This time round he didn’t see anybody and hence he couldn’t lay claim on the small brat although he suspected him. He consistently continued using random tricks to scare down the boy until he won. Slowly the standard seven boy began respecting Kajonny. Any time he was doing his own things in school, the standard seven boy could not dare stand his way.

Kajonny did the same thing to a couple of other big boys and by that he stamped his authority. He perfected this art so well that he became very powerful in the school gaining the respect of the old boys who in turn instructed the young ones to not insult or start fights with him.

What this guy used was what I call the hyena/fox strategy. Hyenas are not the most powerful or fastest animals in the forests. As a matter of fact, they lowly rank in terms of speed yet they, like foxes, use the aspect of consistency in their hunting skills.

Suppose they pick up a prey from group of animals in the wild, these animals will chase the prey for a long distance until they wear it down and as such, they win over it. Some hyenas have perfected this art so well that in most parts they have ended up becoming very powerful creatures.

Although they, hyenas are highly dangerous when together as a group, a single one is certainly dangerous as well. Suppose a leopard starts chasing you, as long as you manage to see it earlier and outrun it as well on the short run, you are very safe.

But if it is a hyena, it will chase you for a long distance irrespective until you get very tired, give up and eventually end in it belly. That is how they survive. That is how they win big time. And that is the only strategy we have with us as we near the 2022 general elections.

It has happened for a long time that revolutions have not perfectly worked in this country to bring us the very best desired change we want. The only tool we thus have left with us is the consistency to winning big using small ways.

Let us, like hyenas, start by throwing darts at our big boys; the politicians and scare them off. One dart after the other, we will put fear in them that even though they see us as the small ‘boys’ of which we are not in reality, we can change things.

This small darts are things like not minding them and their noise, removing them from office once we smell that we are getting a raw deal, saying no to their handouts and even ignoring them when they demand our unnecessary attention when for a fact, they are supposed to be working for us.

Maybe slowly they will learn to respect us and at some point, we will win really big by having a sound political class to rule on our behalf. Be the little Kajonny for our times dear reader.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Politics, Policy, Technology, Current Affairs, Opinion, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, International Emerging Issues, Society, and culture. For featuring, promotions or support write to us at
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