When The Hyena Goes Missing, Danger Lurks.

Today we look at the wild and how it often plays a huge role in our human behavior as well. The animal to consider with its unique behavior is the hyena. It has gluttony, it scavenges without any second thought and often makes funny sounds that comes short of any other.

And Kenyan men have been branded that name. They are called hyenas unceremoniously. In fact let me personalize it; we are labelled hyenas. Interestingly enough, we accepted it and we have gone ahead to classify ourselves according to the severity of the ‘hyenaisim’ in each of us so to say.

Why should we, men, be called Hyenas? I remember a discussion I eavesdropped awhile back where I heard a statement that ratifies the reason why we should be called by that name. The man who hit the hammer on the table remarked, ‘The only thing men cannot share is the grave.’

And for that reason, they can share everything even the women. That one can go after their friends’ woman comes nothing short of scavenging. Plus often, they are gluttonous just like the hyenas. It is said that they never get a fill with their insatiable appetites.

But is there a good wild hyena if we should wonder out loudly. And my answer as well as yours should be; there is none. This is the contrast that exists compared with the domestic hyenas if I can be liberal with the high testosterone cream called men. In fact there are far more good ‘hyenas’ than women go about lamenting. Truth is, there are as many good men as are bad out there.

One thing that both hyenas seem to share is the fact that once they go missing, it means danger lurks around the corner. In the wild, a pack of lionesses on the move learn quickly that things are not okay once they realize hyenas are out of sight. And not lionesses only but all other animals sense danger once hyenas are out of sight.

The ability of hyenas to act as reference for the security of other animals is the fact that they have a very high level of resiliency. Resiliency is the character of adapting to change as quickly as possible and maintaining the equilibrium. In another instance, it could mean the ability of enduring extremes with an aim of achieving a goal.

Resilience is a huge factor that explains why hyenas live and converge as clans. When the hyenas are in clans, it means they are psyched up to go after enemies as well as dare their dangers. But even in clans, these animals can never stand in the face of a pride of male lions.

The reason hyenas follow the lionesses or any pride with lionesses is because lionesses are the ones that do a majority of the hunting. Lions do hunt when they are alone or in cases where adaptability is a bit of necessity and a means of survival.

So these hyenas follow food. They are sure of something to scavenge on should they keep their perseverance in check. The same applies even to this other world; the domestic world. If you are one person who claves for attention from these same hyenas and all of a sudden it stops, it means things are not alright. It is time to check on your trail.

One radio host who recently went on an advising spree to the women that they should discard the hyenas cry and presence was utterly misleading. The fact is that it means something somewhere is not right. It could mean there is a trail of lions in the dark about to attack. Greatest danger is that marauding lions have no mercy. They go about leaving destruction.

In the domestic world things change gradually, sometimes for the better. The danger in the wild could mean a plus for the domestic world. In the event that a pride a lionesses gets a lion in their household, the danger now turns to the side of hyenas. Whenever the lions meet the young ones of the hyenas, they kill them unceremoniously and leave them there.

In the domestic world, when the hyenas go missing, it could also mean that the lioness has found a lion for keeps. The danger now changes tables to the side of the hyenas who now have nothing to scavenge on. As a matter of fact, the thing plays two fold. Depending on where you are in play of the divide, when the hyenas go missing, danger lurks.

In the case of lionesses in the wild, they know that a trail of lions is behind them and if they have young ones, then they are in big danger. The same plays for the hyenas themselves. They disappear because lions never play it safe with them.

In the domestic world, should the hyenas go missing, then as the lioness you have lost your relevance and probably nothing good seems to come from you. And suppose you have won a lion to your side, to mean completeness, the hyenas know that danger lurks for them in that they have lost something to scavenge on. You have protection as a lioness now.

Nothing goes far from truth that should the good hyenas go out of sight, then as the lioness you should know that things are bad. And not bad, but very bad because whatever is coming means total destruction or the path you are threading leads to hell.

So should you realize that the hyenas, the scavengers or the ‘paltry’ animals are out of sight, then it is time you started thinking seriously of what to do next because danger loams nearby. Let your adrenaline be on high alert and let your strategy be in front of you.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at info@dailyfocus.co.ke
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