Discover Why and You Discover the World.

I am sitting down in a quiet small garden while writing this; why? Because I want to discover my purpose. To give you a piece of my mind on why answering why helps us realize who we are.

I was listening to a Ted talk about why successful people succeed and the answer was simply hidden in them answering the question why. For instance most of them will tell you why they believe they were born, why they succeed a lot, why they do what they do and why they behave as they do.

Whereas most people or a majority of us can clearly say what we do, how we do it and we can often fail to realize why we do it.

In an organization, 90% of the people can tell you what they do, half of that can tell explicitly how they do what they do yet only less than 10% can actually tell you why they do what they do it. Those who understand “why they do what they do” end up discovering a whole lot of new world.

In our lives, we struggle daily to discover why we were born. All along, before we discover why we are born, we are merely existing. The moment we discover why we were born, we start living.

Answer the question why and our whole world will change.

The drive behind discovering why we are born is often so intense until when we don’t have failure in our vocabulary. Most great people in the world will faithfully tell you that they failed more often than they succeeded but still they kept going. What was different? Nothing save for them holding to the promise of them having discovered why they were brought into this planet. Until they full filled and satisfactorily achieved their objectives, nothing was going to stand their way.

Sit down today and ask yourself; why were you born? Why are you doing what you are currently doing – what you do? Why are you bitter or angry? Why do you need money? Why are you married. Ask yourself as many questions about why as possible and you will discover the world.

There are three basic questions often asked in marketing and these are: what, how and why. Most customers aren’t interested in how you make your products, most of them still are not interested on what you make, but certainly a whole lot of them will be interested in why you make whatever you make.

In a relationship, most individuals kill themselves trying to answer the questions what, how and when. They will often wonder how they are going to make their partners stick around, what they are going to do to make them happy or even when they are going to pop out the question. If you could simply answer the question why him, why are you going to get married, why does he need to be happy; of course your world will change.

In the spiritual world, I have often found myself worried about what it takes to be in heaven, when I will get there or even how I will get there. Now it really brings me peace when I answer myself in the first place: why I need to go to heaven. If you can answer the question why, lot of things change.

We can explicitly answer the question, when did Christ come to the world? We can still narrate how He did come, what happened to Him but you realize the real meaning of our Christianity is embedded in answering the question why. Why did He have to come? Why did it happen to Him? Why did He go again if He had first come? When that is answered, then we become the better version of ourselves.

For you to become a really good version of yourself, there is nothing great as answering the question why? So how do you do it or discover it? Tell the people your story. People love stories. Tell them the drive and purpose of your actions in the present, the reason you have to continually do whatever you love doing and people will love you for that. They will buy the product you are selling them, they will listen to you and will appreciate you.

Start your journey of discovering why and you will discover the world. You will be at peace with yourself.

I am on my way to fully answering my why and I hope I will discover the world.

Copyright @ 2017.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Politics, Policy, Technology, Current Affairs, Opinion, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, International Emerging Issues, Society, and culture. For featuring, promotions or support write to us at
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