Do Women Change Men’s Lives?

It is true women change men and the reverse is true. Photo Courtesy of twitter.

Today’s article is a postscript of what I wrote last week. I seemed to have opened a pandora box with last week’s piece. Rather precisely, I opened a whole discourse on the topic of men and women. To some, it was time I took the challenge and stood to be counted.

To others, it was time to let someone else take the ride with me. After all, is not the beauty of life worth living when we pride in the fellowship of our fellow human beings? But someone else could still be wondering why I am being too general because the world of men and woman is incomparable.

Men are interesting human beings. We are often after honoring the bro code. We are there to ensure the status quo prevails. We will always meet in a more predictive way. A meet up with the boys is for a drink and a hearty laugh coupled with a nyama choma and we call it a day.

It is something we can do again and again. If not that, then we take a weekend out and still it is with the normal geek. Only the venue changes and it becomes the narrative of the monkeys being the same with only the forest changing.

Not so with the women. In fact, when the men are busy with their normal usual lives, then the women happen. Things never remain the same. By simply taking the fact that we have different anatomy and physiology, some things must change when we come together.

Let me digress a little bit and divulge into the aspect of change management. Change management is an aspect of study in the business management field. If you won’t find it in your diploma studies, then at undergraduate level it must feature somehow.

Still if you don’t get it that level, you must rub shoulders with it at postgraduate level. The topic of change is so important in today’s business academic field as well as the corporate world that theories and in-depth researches are being made every single day.

Now come to think of it in the real life. Change comes as matter of changes in management, technology, environment, policies etc. for businesses. It is no different for our lives. Interestingly enough, when a woman comes to a man’s life, there is an instant personnel and policy changes so to say.

Personnel changes are brought about by the fact that whereas you are used to staying alone, now you have to contend with another person. Maybe you used to cook food once in a blue moon and only took interest to organize the house often, but from the time a wife comes into the picture, food has to be cooked daily and the house cleaned as well as organized regularly. Change.

Probably singlehood is very sweet, or so we think since a boy’s outing will not restrict us in terms of when or what time to come back home. Once she comes, there must be some tradeoffs because you will need time for the family. It is called change.

As though that is not enough, decision making has to be made with consultation especially if there is every need that the impact will be on the family. This is the time when a man realizes that testosterone always finds its equivalence in oxytocin. It is science of the electric train and hyperloop technology for family so to say.

Looking keenly and deeply into the aspect discussed above, they cut across policy and personnel. As though that is not enough, when a woman comes into the life of a man, simply by starting to live together, there is a change already in the environment. It is no longer I but we. And because we are different, we have to adapt to that change. The most beautiful thing about this change is that it is seamless. We just wake up one morning and realize we adapted and are part of the system already.

If that cannot be change, then we must agree that women change men’s lives principle wise. This is to mean that how we approach things, when we do things and why we do things change. Why, becomes the reason behind the drive for hard work. It is often circumspective as much as it is by circumstance.

How, on the other hand means getting extra input. The aspect of putting two heads together to approach matters and if possible, find a compromise level. This is best described by synergy where the sum of the parts becomes more than the individual parts.

Women can change men’s lives but if they cannot, then they change men. Lord Maurice Egerton changed completely because of a woman. A race to win a woman’s heart that he dearly cherished but one who ridiculed him led lord Egerton to a world of solitude and strong hate for the female gender.

It is said that women were persona non grata in his expansive ranch in Egerton Njoro. That’s is the power of women. A woman changed Samson in the famous Biblical story from being a hero to becoming a philistine puppet. From Wisdom to folly.

On the other hand, a woman in the name of Coretta Scott became a very supportive force behind the famous Baptist civil rights movement hero Martin Luther King Jr. Again, were it not for Lilian Disney, Walt Disney’s wife, the enjoyment we get from watching mickey mouse could not be what it is to us today.

Not to talk about how Mitchell Obama has been praised by President Barrack Obama as the force behind the success we see in him. It is principle that behind every success, there is often a change involved and we all can agree to this because we have had to change some things in our lives at some point in time. And most are because of women.

Major changes are for the brave ones though. And that is what women do. Bring major changes to men.



Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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