Living Today Fully makes it Memorable Tomorrow.

Living Life Fully

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Looking at today, you cherish the memories of yesterday. Today becomes tomorrow’s yesterday. And to cherish tomorrow, it means we have to live today to the fullest. The beautiful moments of today become the treasures of tomorrow.

This issue came to my mind a few days ago when I sat with my friend to brainstorm about how to make life fulfilling albeit the various issues surrounding our life today. Before we could arrive at any considerable solution, the ‘do you remember?’ question spiraled things out of control.

Whenever this question is asked, it always takes us to history mode. The back in the day’s moments. Then you find yourself starting doing an account of your childhood as well as all the crazy things you did while growing up. Then the stories go on and on.

As you sit, you ask yourself why those small nonsensical things all of sudden become very valuable. Then you realize it is because of time. Time goes on, life goes on and finding the best way of making use of that time as well as maximally living it means the thin line between looking at life with regrets or with lots of joy and discernment in the future.

For example my friend recounted to me about swimming in the muddy waters even after parents threatening them (us) with disownment as the biggest form of punishment. As a young person, I as well as other children dreaded being homeless given the fact that we had known the comfort of our home all along.

And we went ahead to defy those threatening. We took the greatest risks because we loved that. We went out of our way to fully make use of the innocence we were believed to have. We went fishing in the rivers the whole day and came back to eat to our fill.

When the adventures looked not adventurous enough, we went out of our way to fish in other people’s ponds and even swimming in them. To us, those were pools of water that naturally collected together and brought fish to them to feed God’s people. When the owners came chanting incarnations to us, we defiantly left whilst arguing why someone could chase you away from what belonged to God.

As we have grown to the people we are today, risk taking has become as foreign to us as something we hear for the first time. At the mention of it, our mouths taste like saw dust and our stomachs churn. We forget that as young children, we were the greatest risk takers that existed.

A drift away but along those lines, I am reminded also about a talk my senior club members had a few weeks ago about the so called precious memories of their youth hood days. They went about remembering the interesting moments of love letter writing. I had a taste of this too and it was fun.

These were old people but who could find solace in the memories of the yester years. A few have kept some of the letters, especially those from their wives which they sit for a moment to review and laugh about. The fun is in the frantic searches by the wives to burn those letters and the witty skills of the husbands to keep them away from the women’s hawk eyes.

Until the writing of this piece of article, I thought it childish for these old boys to keep old letters up to this day decades after their marriages. Then I remembered life is about memories. So our lives should be about creating memories because the happiness of tomorrow largely depends on them.

In the psychologists’ world, it is said that the little things you do today could determine the happiness of your families and marriages tomorrow. Take a minute and think how life could be without memories. Imagine what life could be if you lived the moment and that is it.

What this means is that you don’t keep memories. The glamour of youth could set with the moments. The beauty of being first time moms and dads could fade as they came. The joy of brothers and sisters as well as the memories we cherish while growing up with them could fade in thin air the moment we live them.

You remember the fun of nicknaming teachers in school and campuses. All that could disappear the moment that moment goes away. What about the high school cooks and kitchen prefects who seemed to almost share common characteristics with bizarre habits. Those memories too could not be with us today.

It is because of all those memories that we have the beauty of our lives today. The richness of the lives we lived back then and the yester years determines the extent to which our moments of reflections become worth cherishing and sharing them out with others.

And the richness of our memories tomorrow depends on the richness of the lives we live today. Remember attitude is the greatest thing ever at the mercy of man and it largely determines at how one looks at life which in turn dictates the way one lives.

The way one lives today then determines the beauty and happiness of tomorrow. Have the greatest attitude towards life today and you will have a great and fulfilling life tomorrow.


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Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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