Please, Exercise Decorum in this Festive Season.

Please, Exercise Decorum in this Festive Season.

December is a unique month for many of us. To some, it is that month that we dread most because expectations on us always double and we find our bills ballooning unexceptionally high. There is one part of us that ideally prays things be alright and then there is the reality check that ensures we spend even what we don’t actually have.

If there is any time, we need to exercise lots of financial discipline, then this is the time. If we won’t do it ourselves, the changed school timetables will have to force us do so. I have heard a dozen times my close allies make interesting remarks.

They keep saying that the mind is in December yet the pocket is in January to mean that the spirit to enjoy the festivities is high yet the pocket reminds us always that doing so ignorantly will mean a suicidal case in January.

Another fact is that the holidays have been shortened by the changed term dates. A fact that pushes the pressure button high on parents’ heads when they know that in a week’s time school fees will start ringing in their heads.

This discipline however cuts across the board from finance to eating to drinking to travelling and everything else we can think of engaging within this period. For instance, when people eat and get full, they tend to be drunk according to my kinsmen. They said, “getting full is getting drunk.”

So, if you will manage to find yourself getting too full this season, hold your horses and don’t be quick to make a decision in that state. Of the three situations you are supposed to avoid making a decision while in, being too full is one of them.

You might be too full, get overjoyed overjoyed and end up finishing up all your money including rent and other utility bills in entertaining friends. Again, you may be too full and start driving and get excited on the steering wheel and end up killing yourself in a road accident.

Closely related to food is drinking. Avoid getting drunk during this season if your love your life and longevity in general. More people have died from over speeding while drunk than you can imagine. Others have become physically impaired from making bad judgements while in a drunk state.

For instance, one guy lost his legs when he fell down because he missed the stairs in a building. Another got seriously burnt because he walked right into the fire thinking it was just fireworks. These among many other scary events have made many children orphans and other people widows and even widowers.

If you are a passenger vehicle driver and may get tempted to overspeed as you want to cash in during the festivities for January, take a moment and remember what that single bad decision may mean on the longer land. If any time, this should be the moment to make the best judgements we can.

Another discipline that we will need a lot is in terms of how we interact with other people and the words we will use over the season. Remember this is that time of the year when people meet in their numbers at the village after long times apart.

Some of us will go gossiping about others and why we think they made the worst decisions within the year and why we think they are suffering. But remember this life is not permanent and one word not weighed properly may end up costing relationships that took very long to build.

Please show love during this festive period. Of all things, feel proud of the relationships you strengthened as opposed to those ones you broke when you will be doing your audit at the end of the period come early January 2022.

Wait a minute, how would it feel to miss seeing the year 2022 with joy due to lack of discipline. What if you miss it altogether because you died in as much as you may not know it then? The good thing about all this is that at least you know it now. You know what lack of discipline can do to you.

Don’t waste your money haphazardly this short period of time and enter 2022 with debts. And a word of advice before we go further. If you have any debts accrued to people this year, kindly pay and clear them out before we go into the new year if you can.

I don’t mean business debts. If it is app loans, that one is on another level and should be on top of your discipline list for next year. For now, it is loans to individual people. Avoid accruing more and for those you have, try and clear them because they may strain your relationships in the new year and end up costing you some few of them.

Have discipline with morality. Please be safe with sexual matters this season. You wont die if you play it low. But as a matter of fact, these things are intertwined. If you will have discipline with your drinking, you will avoid accidents and unnecessary sexual encounters that may bring you problems.

When someone is drunk, their impaired judgement doesn’t even allow them to practice safe sex on the very least. This means exposure to unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Think of being safe the whole year only to end up with AIDS at the end of it all due to one wrong decision made in excitement perhaps is a single day.

What of ending up being a murderer in 2022 when you will commit abortion because of an unwanted pregnancy that you got during the exciting moments of the festivities. All these can be avoided by simply being disciplined.

Practice decorum and discipline this festive period and you will have a wonderful and exciting end year festive season and a wonderful new year start.

Happy festive season from all of us here are the Daily Focus.


Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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