The Beautiful Panorama of Self Dialogue on Personal Issues Such as Bathing, Eating and Love Life.

The Beautiful Panorama of Self Dialogue on Personal Issues Such as Bathing, Eating and Love Life.

Today I have taken a rather different trajectory and I will be a little personal, not with myself, but with some folks out there. This is because of something I saw somewhere, which I have had to debate with myself for quite some time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have been a victim, well I may have been a long time ago but not any time recently.

At some point, the truthful man in me may divulge some things which may sound more like self-dialogue blatantly finding its way on paper, yet I ask of you to look at it as a reflection of past times. For a fact, some of you will agree with my take regarding these matters.


The first thing on my list of things everybody virtually debates or has debated with themselves about is bathing. And by the way, where is it written that we must bathe at least once daily leave alone twice or thrice even when we have done nothing? I know some of you will start questioning my sanity and go explaining to me about biology and the process of excretion.

That is okay, but come to think of it, has anybody ever felt that their hands are heavy for them to carry around? What is the worst that could happen if I skipped a day without a bath because I thought to myself that I am not answerable to anybody about my bathing? The popular phrase goes that cleanliness is second to godliness, supposing we subscribe to this school of thought, what does that cleanliness entail specifically; just bathing? I know you will be answering me that it is cleanliness as a whole. Ok, if I skip a bath for a day, does it mean I am dirty?

I am writing about this bathing issue because I saw a grown-up woman fighting a grown-up man because he didn’t want to bathe that day. I asked myself whether that was necessary. Beat children to bathe because for them they can forget and go for months on end, but a grown-up man should be respected for their choices.

Perhaps the fight on this occasion might have been that the guy didn’t want to bathe for the second time on the same day, which became an issue. Some men will castigate me, but I know during the cold season we always ask ourselves if bathing every day is after all useful. Our ancestors didn’t bathe every day and they lived all that long, pun intended, so what is the big deal about everyday bathing?

Let me put this issue of bathing to rest by stating that as long as you are not inconveniencing others when you skip a day without a bath, enjoy your life. Inconveniencing here means smelling like a he-goat and looking haggard like some guy thrown out of a cave. Should it come to that, then doing something is a must.

Eating and love-life

We proceed. I was elaborating on a concept sometime in the past on probability in math and I asked a random question about the probability of a person surviving a year without eating food and a participant answered that it is possible and said the probability was likely. I disagreed (because I expected an answer of zero) at that moment but later went on asking myself whether the meaning of food is the same for all of us. For instance, some of my friends don’t recognize snacks as food. Food to them means something else.

So, again I wonder whether it is prudent to go killing ourselves with worries about the dietary choices of others. Whatever people decide to eat is their choice. It thus means we should avoid dignifying ourselves when we are served food and start debating within our minds about what people will think if we ate our fill; starting with serving enough for ourselves.

And since enough is relative, we wonder what people will take of us if they saw us with a fully packed plate which is our enough. Worry not buddy, eat to your fill, as long as it is not gluttonously or selfishly. There is nothing as sweet as being you. Stop feigning around.

On the same note, just like food, we should avoid these self-debates we have within ourselves about other’s love life. We go asking ourselves what they saw in that man or woman and at the very end we conclude nothing because our self-dialogues influence or change nothing.

Another thing we do all the time is to wonder in our minds if we are in the right relationship or marriage. This precedes the thoughts we always have worrying if it will work out instead of putting our best foot forward to make things work in the first place.

The whole point in this discussion is the simple fact that some of the things we worry about and follow and do have not been inscribed anywhere as the standard way we should do things or live. If you want to skip a bath for a day, it is up to you. If you want to eat to your fill, eat. If you want to love your best, do it your way.

Most importantly, what others think of you is none of your business. As long as you are okay with what you are doing, it is morally right and is not infringing on others wellbeing, suit yourself.

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege

Geoffrey Ndege is the Editor and topical contributor for the Daily Focus. He writes in the areas of Science, Manufacturing, Technology, Innovation, Governance, Management and International Emerging Issues. For featuring, promotions or support, reach out to us at
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